Head quarters york town
Camp Washington oct the 7 1861
Dear Mother I am enjoying good helth and I
hope thies few lines will find you the same
Mother I had my likeness taken on the 14th
an they reach you on the 17th ins I want you
to write to me soon I wold hav thought you
would hav rote to me be fore now to of let
me no you had recieved them or hav you
father an Sue quit write ing to me
I am inform Charlotte babe was dead
an non of you wold not write to me a
bout nothing you all can write to me but
my chance is bad for writing James has had th
Mesels an is well a gain I had to dril 8
hours in the day an wait on him the ballance
of the time so I have not had th chance to
write Since I hav bin hear I though[t] Strong
of writeing for father when he was Sick
I hav not received a letter since the 10th of Sept
I want you father an Sue to write t me one of
you Evry weak or hav you an Sis quit writeing
be caus I told you to quit write ing Sor Sad
Tel father an th boys this place wold suit
them I no for chinkupins an ches nuts an
graps in is buntiful 2 men can go out a
fishing in york river an ketch a boat
half full in a few hours
[page 2]
We hav lost 3 men out of our company
Since we left burke Co the following is the
manes of the men A. F. Evens S. B. Williams
and W. A. Bags Evry body advise me to
join morris company for he wold take care of
his men I saw it in the papers what a good
Capt he was but he cars as little for
his men as if they wair a parsel of hogs
he wont see to thim nor hav the dr to
see them Sis mention my leaving blank paper
She has time pin ink an paper
Write to me soon as possible I am as good a
look as you ever saw I will send you a reSeat [1]
to make soda water take a ¼ of a tea spoon full of soda
an an de Solve it in a glass of water an
Sweeten it to suit yore self an poor ½ gall
wine glass full of vinnegir in it
Yore affectionate Son B. L. Mobley

Went in to camps august the 1st left wayns
Boro the 8th arrived in richmon on the 10th
Mustard in on the 12th had my ambro tipe taken
Sept the 14th Left Rich mon on the 16th arrived
in yorke town the 16th
Keap this recosihion un til we meete a gain

dy rec yore letters to rich mon virginia

  1. reseat = recipe
October 7, 1861


Brother of James M. Mobley
Company E, Cobb's GA Legion


Mother of James M. and Benjamin L. Mobley


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April, 2011
Michael Ellis
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November, 2012

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