Camp Marian
Nov the 3 1861
Dear father I received your letter
on the 14th an I hav not had the chance
to ancer it yet I am in good helth an
So is James and hope thies few lines
will find you the same the reson I hav
not had the chance to write to you
we are building winter huts we
have most finish them we get up in
the morning get breafast an be out
by ½ sevn oclock com in at 12 go at
2 again com in a ½ our by Sun go an
dress parade by that time it is dark
get yore supper call the role by
by the tim you fix some tents taps beats
to put out yore lights when we get
our houses dun I will hav a chance to write
to all I suppose you thought I had fo
got ten you all I hav got Six letters
Since I reseived yores an yores is the
first I hav anserd the reson I can
write to day it is Sunday an [worse?]
than all [??] night the old drum
[page 2]
a wakes us then we get up fixup
an march 8 or 10 miles in the night threw
the mud and water we hav bin down to
harnells mill throwing up brest works
for the day and had just finish you
said capt morris wood not a low his company
impose upon but it is impose upon more than
any other compy in the legion the other day
threwing up brest works we don more
work than any other comps in the legion
it was reported that we don nothing
the mager told our capt that he must
pre pair his men to work all day for
they don nothing yesterday the old capt
was hot then an said mager I just be
G. d. if I will dwo it for I can take my
company an whirk the legion So we
went an finish our task by two
oclock an then go help other
companies finish their task that
day and the next two you must
write to me if I cant write to
you tel Mother I hav resieved one
letter from her and one from Sis
[page 3]
Mothers dated on the 15 an Sis on the
18th and yours on the 13 an wrote one
to you in the morning an received
yours in the eavning I received th things
which you sent to me an James I wood write
for things but I dont no what hour we
may hav to go an leav evry thing we hav
gore an rule I no nothing of them
write to me how neer you are don the
house an how neer you are don gethering
the crops an how much you have getherd
an how it turns out an how yore hogs
is horses and cattle an what sort of times
you hav in burke now tel Mother
I want her to write to me whither she
has reseive my letter with my hair
in it or not
yore affectionate Son
B. L. Mobley
The night was cool
To day is hot
our parting hours
Is not for got

November 3, 1861


Brother of James M. Mobley
Company E, Cobb's GA Legion


Father of James M. Mobley


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Camp Marion


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April, 2011
Michael Ellis
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November, 2012

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