March 27th 1863
Mr George Palmer Dear Fatherinlaw i received
youre kind letter wich found me well an i hope that this
letter may come to and in due time an find you an famley
in the best of health i was glad to heare from you all
but i was sorry to hear that Babe was not well tell her to
make hast an get well for If the yankees dont kill us all
this Summer i think that we all will get to come home
an i hope that i wont get killed for i want to live at home
one more time before i die we have nothing new as i no off
in camps only we are under orders to be ready to march at a
minutes warning an i cant tell where we will go to but i
think that we will go up in the vally a gain this summer
you sed that you was don Planting nearly but the
weather was cold an you was a fraid that it would not do well
but i hope it will an that you may make a good crop
for if you dont make a good one an all the Rest the same
i dont no what the army will do for our rashens an verry
Short in too months more i dont expect that we will get a bit
of meat for we get as good as none now it is fast day to
day with us an all of the army we have Preaching an Prayer
hear to day but i have Sean a heape of them days sence i have
ben in the war you must look over this bad writeing for i have
to write on my lap you must not go to the mill too often
to see old viny Jest because you have got the advantage of me tell
her howdy for me an tell the old lady kitty howdy for me i will close by
Saying write soon T W G Inglet to George Palmer

March 27, 1863


Company C, 28 GA Infantry
Private; Corporal


Thomas Inglet's Father-in-law

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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