Pike Co Ga Augiss the 16th
Mrs E. F. Thornton
Dier Sister I a gain attempt to write you a few
lines in the forme of a letter this will
informe you that I am in moderate helth
I recieved a letter from you a few days a go
informing me that Mother wanted Em &
her chidrin back. you can tell her that it is
out of the question for me to bring them
now I considder that theaire is as much or
more danger in her being theair now as
their was when I brought her a way from
theair & I cant find a man that is
willing to resk his hors or mule to go to
that county at the presant condidion
of affairs so you See that theair is no
chance for me to bring her home now
though I wish She was at home as She is
agetting no clothes hear. I wrote Sistor
Amanda & you together some time
Senc of which you have seen proberly
Ear this I have no nuse to write mor
than you heave heard
[page 2]
If you have got the letter that I wrote
to Amanda you have learned that I
am Married & perhaps you may be soprised
or prhaps out of my Senses though it
matters not what you think it is so & if
you have not got that letter I will tell you
who I have married. I have married my
Cousin Mary F. Whatley as was now
my wife Mary F. Speir I married her
becaus I loved her more than any one els
I will Say to you that She is as prety & as
industrious & as affectionat as any boddes
wife or at least I think So. She is now
leaning on me denying what I Say
& I will now kiss her & Say it is so
as I have no nuse I will close
I remain as ever you brother
Jas. H. Speir

August 16, 1864


Brother of Elizabeth F. Thornton
23 GA Infantry
Assistant Surgeon
Brother of Elizabeth F. Thornton
23 GA Infantry
Assistant Surgeon


Wife of Hiram H. Thornton


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December, 2012
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