the 8 1862
Sheffield Ga December
My Dear husband
I received the news
by Mrs Chrchhill that you had
landed safely and I am truly glad
to know that you are well and as
well pleased as you seemed to be
I had to make Several trips to hear
what I did from them so if you can
I want you to write sperate letters
So I can get mine at Sheffield or C[?]
[??] Station I could not find our from
the place to send my letters
I have ploughed in the wheat myself
Mr gay Said he would have the oats
ploughed for me but he hasent done it
yet perhaps he will in a few days
I went to see mr McCalla about
the negro we had mrs Carr said
that he never said he would take
ten $ for her he was not there when
I went and Angis siad She would not
take any such a price I went and got
the ten $ to pay her but she refused to
take it and I dont know what to do about
it let me know as soon as you can what
to do mr baker has not got the salt
for us yet but his hasent come the stock
all seem to be doing very well
Floyd says I must tell you that as
Soon as you left Mrs Rhoads took pos
session of the old place turned all of her
Stock in he went to see her about it
and She orderd him home said She
[page 2]
would take them our as soon as She
got ready and not before we tried to get
them out but could do nothing with
them I sold the white cow to Mr Watkins
for 45 $ and have to keep hur till christ
mas. I come to see Mr Baker about
the note he Said if I wanted the note
to put in Moons hands he would not
give it dident say whether he would pay
the money or not you know how hard
the times are and as I can spare any thing
must I pay the debts or what shall I do
with the money. Mr Watkins wants to
tend the land what must I do about I
dont think I can hold our to tend it my
self and cothe the family you know we
cant buy any cloth pleas let me know
what you had rather I would do and al
so h[o]w I can send you some provisions I
want to send you some by christmas any
hw I am very lonesome now non of the
connection has been to see me since you
left the children talk about you every day
and all want to see you come home I wish
you could come if twas only for a fue days
I will try to get you a hat as soon as I can
when ever you need cloths or Shoes ar any
thing that I can make or get let me know
and I will send them as soon as I can
you will pleas get some one to write and let
me know hw and where to send my letters write
soon and a long letter tell me how you live and
what you have to eat as ever I remain your wife

December 8, 1862


Wife of William Tucker


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


From Note: 
Sheffield, GA?

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
January, 2013

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