Camp Gordon one March 17th 1863

mile below Savanah Dear wife I seat my self
to let you know that I am well and hearty
at present I want to see you as bad as ever
I dreamed last Night you had come to see me
& fetched Adelaid & the Baby with you Jo Chu
rchills sock that was missing was not put in the
Box it is here let me know when you write again
if churchills paid half the freight on the Box
if they did not dont be at any more trouble
Jo will pay me here if they have not paid
you me and Churchill is still in camps to
gather & gets along verry well we are still at camp
Gorden one mils below Savanah and four
miles above Thunderbolt you need
not pester about sending any clothes I will write
to you when ever I want them keep all
your money you have got for your own use and
if you need any more let me know & try to
hire you a hand to help you a month to lay
of[f] your Corn ground and help you to plant it
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lay off your ten acre field four feet each
way with the exception of that little hill drill
and if the chickens has eat up that little piece of
wheat by the lot plant it in Potatoes take
up your seed Potatoes and let me know how they
keep I want to know what has become of my dog
Rule I have not heard from him since I left
Home there has been no fighting here where we
are nor wont be is the general opinion you must
not forget to give in my tax I want to know what
Corn is worth & meat where you live & every
thing else take good care of all the grain you
have got an dont let any body have any of
it still direct your letters to the same place I
you to have you to have you a Sunday pair of
shoes made out of that Calf skin if you have got a
nough of Soeleather [1] & if you ant get mauf langgen
to find the soeleather & make you apair of Shoes and
dont greave your self to death I want you to be thare
when I come back your affectionate husband W H Tucker
Delana Tucker

  1. sole leather, thick leather for shoe soles
March 17, 1863


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


Wife of William Tucker


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Camp Gordon


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Michael Ellis
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January, 2013

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