Camp Groden one March 25th 1863
mile below Savanah Dear wife I seat my self to
Ga let you know that I am well
& hearty & hoping when this comes to hand it may
find you all well & doing well I received your
letter 24th inst and was glad to hear that you
was all well tell the children I have not furgot them
because I spoke of the little ones I want to see them
the worst I ever did in my life & you too tell Floyd
and Ellen to be smart children & we will make things
count when I get back home you wanted to know if
I lay with Jo Churchill I dont bed with him nor
mess with him that is we dont eat togather you wanted
to know what to do about selling my cotton tell Jesse L
Baker not sell mine until he sells his own and not to
be in a hurry about selling do not send me any
Clothes until I write for them I wrote to
Sephronia and the old lady they wrote me first & then I
answerd it
When you pastor your cattle this spring pen on that
fresh patch we cleaned up take good care of all your
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stock & take good care of all your grain & fodder
and every thing that is to eat I wrote in that other letter
about that Box and you never said any thing about it in
this letter I want to know what was the freight on it
& if Jo churchills folks paid there part on the Box
Write & let me know what they have done about it
I have the privilege of hearing preaching once a Week
& sometimes twice a Week you must not give up because
I am not there but take the mare and Buggy & go to
Church when ever you can try to plant and make all
the potatoes you can if that patch by the lot is not
enough you can get some somewhere else to finish pla
nting your crop of Potatoes a good Article of Tobacco
is worth two Dollars and a half a pound in Savanah
I have seen corn down here with seven & eight blades
high & English Peas waste high & Peas on them ready to eat
& cabbage that has been set out since christmas two of them
would make my family a mess nothing more at prese
nt but remain your affectionate husband until death
William H Tucker Delana Tucker Write soon

March 25, 1863


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


Wife of William Tucker


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Camp Gordon


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Michael Ellis
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January, 2013

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