Thunderbolt Battery
December 26th /63
Dear Wife
I take pleasure in writ
ing you a few lines to let you
know how I am & a giting on
I landed at camps last monday
night Safe & Sound & have ben
improving ever Since I got hear
as fast as I ever improved from
a Spell of Sickness I braught all
my things through safe this
time I braught them through
with me every thing was right when
I got hear & the times peaseable
& quiet but having a cold & dull
Crismast to mee but Some of
the boys seeme to be enjoying
themselfs drinking I have drawed
two pair of panc & two par
of drawes & shirts one pair socks
& cap & one coat since I come back
[page 2]
that dispatch wee recieved when
I was at home about the Regiment
was called into line for twentyfour
hours was a mistake but was
ordered into lines for a short which
occationed by some boats that were
in three of four miles
of[f] they remained there right smart
while & then left Supposed to be
Recornortering to See what they
could See if you havent wrote
when you get this letter write
immiadately & write me word how
you are giting on & how you are
enjoying the Crismast they are as
tite as a hat band hear they are
building guard houses nearly all the
time to hold the men & if they Stay
a day over their time they Slap them
in Jim Cook havent got back yet
he Sent a sertifacate but it wont do
[page 3]
he will have to Send a nother
one or go in the guard house when
he comes back I Saw Monroe Sig[??]
at Conion Station & he said Wash
Deniard was at Chatahoocha Bridge
guarding the bridge tell william
Farmer that I can get Salt for
twenty five collars a bushel & he can
just Send mee the money in a
letter & I will get it for him he
can just Send it in a letter I dont
reckon they will be any thing
rong about it every thing is geting
very high hear meal is from
fifteen to sixteen dollars a bushel
in Savannah wee are geting the
Same rashions now as we was
geting when I left I havent ben
on guard Since I come back
I have had all the christmast but
a poor crismast to mee
[page 4]
make yourself easy about my get
ing home for I dont know when
I will get to come home again
the weather is colder down hear
than I ever saw it it is colder
than it was last winter & I thought
it was cold enough then
tell Farmer if he wants mee to
get that Salt to Send the money
as quick as he can for Salt might
rise & I couldnt get it for the
money I Said I could for every
thing is going up every day Send
me word what time you got back
& if every thing was right with the
children I will close untill hear
from you again as I hav wrote
about all that knews I have to write
at this time write soon & often
& give mee all the knews I Remain
your Affectionate husband untill death
W. H. Tucker

December 26, 1863


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


Wife of William Tucker


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Thunderbolt Battery


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Michael Ellis
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January, 2013

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