January the 12 1864
Der husband I seat my self to
let you no that the children is
sick With a bad cold I recive
yor letter the 10 an Was glad
to her from as I cold be I give
the red sow an sho[a]ts 20 years [1]
day an the other sow lok
fine the bunch hefer has a fine
boole calf an she was verry hard
to manag you must send the
children a name for it it Wil
be a good match for the other
in the World I hunted all
over conyers an found that note
at last an pad it of[f] it Was
26[6]5 [c?] cents if you going to rite
yor Wil send it at yor next
letter for I going to town in
2 Weeks am I can have it
reccorded I Wod be glad to se you
[page 2]
I ant plowed a furow sinc
crismas for the grown has bin
frosen all the time it has bin
the hardest Winter you ever
saw in yor life it Was bill
fa[r]mer sent you that mo[n]ey
he sead he Wod send som
more money nancy was to com
last night an put the money
in my letter but she never
com old john hunly has
move a Way an old thom
cason has move in his place
I Wan you to sat in yor next
letter if you saw an haney
When you Was at home
she sad she cust you all
to peacs When you Was at
home old mis haney Wod not
let her go With her When
she move an she had to
hunt her a new home
[page 3]
my oats is all spud all
out of the grown an kill
I dont think tha Will be
sead saved I her that old
linkon sad that all the
men he taken prisner he
Wod parlole them for 3 years
I Want you to tak all the
men you can an run a Way
an go to the north so you
can com home I rite to me
Wher you stad in conyers that
night I left you I think if
you did not stay by
a fire you nerly frose I ant
doing nothing in the fild atall
I am tryin to Weve a pec of cloth
at home for them that Weve
Wont Weve for no one but the
rich folks rite to me When
[page 4]
you Want any thing an I Wil
send it to you I going to
send you som eggs be
for long som nigger stol
lots of my chickens When
you Was at home an down
at the mill lee tuckers
Wife Was at harts an she
sad she Wod not let
you se her hid from you
the big rines has Wash
the pine log bridg down
nerly so it tis scrry to
cros it I sorry for you I
Want you to as often as you
can I hope god Wil be yor fren
an you Wil live til the War
ends so I Wil com to a close
by saying rite I remane yor
Wife delaney to w H tucker rit

  1. years = ears of corn
January 12, 1864


Wife of William Tucker


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
January, 2013

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