July the 10 1864
Georgia fulton County

Dear wife i seet my
Celf to ancer your leter
that Came to hand on the 8
and was glad to hear
from you i Can tel you
that we hav hard time
hear wee retreet all day
and then throo up
Brest works every knite
wee ar nou Crosed the
river and the yankis
is still in Cite ofus
i Cant tel how long
wee will Sta hear
our army is worne doun
[page 2]
our hole army is on this
Cid of the river and wee Burnt
the rail rod Bridg last
knighte and The yankis
was in Cite next morning
wee ar one mild from the
rail rod Brig i hear that
Charlston is a bout to go up
and wee hear that wee
wood hav to go thar
I cant tel i dont want
to fo if ican help hit
i Cent sum Clos home
and iwant you to cend
word if you got them
iwas glad to hear you
had got the heet [1] off
[page 3]
you need not wory and
cil your Celf for
i looc for the army to
pas thru thar and
then wee may loos all
the knight that wee
left kinsee [2] mounton 
tha was aman Shot
and wonded in too Steps
of mee wee ar owt
of danger of the small
arms to day But one
man Cild on pickit
rite how the farm is
and all the nuse that
you Can and i think by
this time next weeke
[page 4]
wee will Bee at
atlant for wee ar in
7 mils of that plase
i want yow to righte
one time aweek and ishall
rite every too or three days
you can tel
Churchill famaly
that he is hear with
mee and well only
iremain your Cind hus
Bon til death
W h tucker
to delana tucker

  1. heet = wheat?
  2. kinsee = Kenesaw
July 10, 1864


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


Wife of William Tucker


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
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January, 2013

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