Hamolton Co Chatnooga June 16th 1862
Dear Wife I know have the pleasure of
riting you a few lines to in form you
that I have been Sick but I am better
I think that i will be able for service
Soon we Started from atlanter on one
evning at Seven a clock and landid here
the next day at ten oclock we traveld all
nite in the care and as I come on here
after day I notee the corn crops and
wheet crops and they was very sorry
ther was a bout fiften miles of the
way that ther was good crops of wheet
we are setled down here in a very
nice place tho it is too low and
level here I think for to be helthy
and it is lime Stone water Some of the
water her is not fit to drink tho we
have a large Spring to use our of that
is tolarable good water tho it is all lime
Stone and I want you to rite to me as
Soon as you git this letter if you delay
any time in riting to me it may be
So that I may not git it I want you
to rite how my wheet turns out,
we are close to the yankeys and we look for a
batle every day we are in 2 miles of the
look out mountain I want to See you
all very bad tho I dont ex[p]ect to git
the chance to come when you rite let
ne now how you are giting a long in
the farm and rite all the nuse that
you have. I hant got any good nuse
to rite there is preperations making
[page 2]
here for a big batle there: their is men coming
every day more annd more from every
direction we have not draud our arms
yet onley a nuf for three conpaneys
the yankey are shooting a cross the river
at our men. tho they dont make any thing
we are taking up spies more or less every
day we herd the other day that the
yankeys was fiting a cross the river
twenty one miles below us tho I
have not herd any thing from it
Sence: I want you to rite how
the baby is giting a long rite
as oftin as you can and I will do
the same So nothing more at pre[s]ant
onley remains yours & Co

Wellbern Tompson

June 16, 1862


Company G, 56 GA Infantry


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Wife of Wilburn Thompson


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Andrea Cudworth
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June, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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