Near Vicksburge } Febuary the 28th 1863
Dear wife & Little children I take this opper
tunity to write yo a few scattren Lines to
Let you know that I am well at this time &
I do hope when this sorry Rote Letter reaches
you may find you all in the enjoyment
of the Best of health and Doing well I
have nothing to write to you of much in
terest I have Been Looking for a Letter from
you a Long time and havent Received any
as yet I have rote you 5 Letter since I
have got one from you I think the time
Long since I heard from you & home I have
almost Despaired of Ever hearing from you
any more I sent you $70 seventy Dol
lars By mr Matha Bell and I want
you to write to me whether you have ever
Received it or not as I would Be Glad to
know I want you to write to me every
chance and oppertunity I want you to
write to me as I want to know whether
you have Rented out the place or not an
if you have not I want you too if there is
any poasiable chance But if you can
not I want you to sow Down all the Land
in oats if you can get the Seed we are
fixing to Draw money again and when
I send you any more money I want you
if you think you can Spear the money
to pay Wm martin 5,,00 five Dollars for
me writ To me whether you got your well
curbin [1] and fix or not tell zach to wri 
to me and write me a big Letter as I want
to hear all the news write to me whether you have
Bought you any corn as yet or not and if you have not
Buy some as soon as you can and have the money
to Do it with I must close I am ever yours W Tompson
[page 2]
I will say to you we are see ing hard time hear now we dont Draw any thing hardly
fitten to feed a dog on I dont Like this part of the world much we have a heap of
Rainy & mud wether hear and I tell you it very Disa Greeable to we have so much
heavey Duty to Do when we have to Go out on picket we have to waid in mud
and water up to our knees I dont want you to think hard of me for
not geting any Letter for I tell you I have wrote you a good many
I have So much to study about I want you to write to me what
the Babys name is send me hits name and a Lock of hits hair

So I will Close no more I am ever your Wilburn Tompson
[grocery list written the crosswise direction on page]

  1. curbin(g) = stone or brick lining of a well
February 28, 1863


Company G, 56 GA Infantry


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Wife of Wilburn Thompson


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
June, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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