th 24 1863
vicks burg mississippi martch
Deer wief ande chrildren it is
with mutch plesure that I seet
my self down with my pen
in hande to drope you A few
Lines to Lete you no that i am
well ande hope that
thes few lines may cum saf
to hande and finde you all well
you sede that you wanted to
no how my close was holding oute
I have gote close plentey bute if
you can i woode like for you to
sende mee one pair of coton pants
by oliver S[t]ricklen if you can
i coode gite them her bute I
had rather gite them from
home I sente you 45 dolers by
parkes bell I whante you to
write whithr you gote hite
or not I whante you to have
the well curbd in and
sheltered over lete hite
coste whote it may
[page 2]
I whante you to write whither
sis ter patesy cum after sary
or note and whither you was
wilinge for her to go thir or
note ande how longe She has
bin left home I whante you
to keepe trying to rente oute
the place ande note lete hit
li idle if you can helpe hit
i am mytey glad you have
gote A longe this fur Along
thrue the springe with oute
bying eny corne i think that
you hade beter by up sum
bebe fore hit gites too hy
i thinke that we will Draw
muney A in may I will send
you sum and I whante you
to take upe the note that
rans artery [1] has A ginste mee 
if you you can spaer the
muney gite zacke or sume
one to tend to hite for
for you I whante you
[page 3]
to write ho gites your
woode ande miling I whante
to no whither you have
had hird eny bodey to tende
to hite or note I whante you to
Kepe writing sos that I may her
from you when I write to you
write backe whither you gite
gite hite or note tell Zacke
that I whante to doo all he can
for you as the reste has left
you and I will pa him fore
his truble I whante you to
manage your bisness to the
beste ad vantedg you can as
you are lef to tende to
hit your Self you rote
that you wanted me to
write backe how long we
woode stay her it is thaught
that we will Stay her all
the sumer we air station
in toun rite on the the
banke of the river
[page 4]
the yankeys tryde to pass
us in 2 of ther botes A
boute day lighte on th 25
and hour men sunke one
of them ande woonded the other
one sos that hit ant no counte
I receiv youre leter to day
that had the babys haire in
hite I hope that the time
will cum when i can see you
and all the childen A gain
with plesur I dont whante
you to lete the litle children
to for gite me as I have gote
A goode ways of[f] nothinge
more ate presente bute re
main your affectnet husban
un till deth

Wilbern tomson

To mrs charlote Jane
you wanted to now whether i had gote
[????] no [?????]

  1. artery = Autry
March 24, 1863


Company G, 56 GA Infantry


Name Variant: 
Wife of Wilburn Thompson


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
June, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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