Campes Neare Chick moga stasion
octber the 16 1863
Deare Wife i seat my self to let
let you know that i am well
al but the head acke i have it
mity bad for to or three dase
i wood a rote before now but i
have i am a waten to gite one
from you i have rote three
letters to you and i hant
got narone yet i want you
to rite to mee as soon as you
git this letter i hant ben
gon long but i want to see
you the wors i eve did in
my life the copers [1] you wanted
mee to git for you i cudnot
not git it but i will git it the
first chanc i git and send
it to you by the forst one
that pases we are fixed jes
like we was at the mountain
in the mud and warter and
no tents yet when you get
a letter i rite i wante you
to rite abutet it so i will know
it and
[page 2]
to Charlota Jane Tomson

it will give plasur i have
bin sorey for you for your
shoes was so bad i have
tried to git you a pare of
shoes but i cant i think
i will before longe if i can
i bote a gune frome robing
sherley the one i sold him
i git the led with it and
i git it for ten dollers if
you wanted it i want you to
gow and see it and rite to
mee wheter you take it or
not the guen is in wornted [2]
to mee to bee in good fix for
sho[o]ten by robin i want you
and zack segres to see if she
is in good fix i dont want
you to rite little leters
becaus i do for my paper is
scase i hant gote no[t]hen to
rite with but a pencel i hant
gote no ink noth but a pensel
i must cume to a close by givin you my
from wilbern tomson to love

  1. copers = coperas?
  2. warranted, guaranteed
October 16, 1863


Company G, 56 GA Infantry


Name Variant: 
Wife of Wilburn Thompson


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
June, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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