Winchester Verginia June the 28 1861
Dear Father and Mother. Brothers. and
Sisters. I now take my Pen in hand to
let you know that i am well and a
Seeing mutch pleasure at this plase now
I hope thos few lines will reach your hands
and find you injoyin the same.
I have nothing of importence to wright
to you more than they cant be a fight here sertain
for we have tried for too weeks and no
nobody hant got mad yet. and that
I have not seen a plumb Cherry Appe nor
a Stalk of corn a knee hy sence I
have ben in va but the best Wheat
crops that ever I saw ihave seen too
hundred Acres in a boddy it is
[page 2]
Just a turning Rope whitch they
tell me will make 20 Bushes to the
acre. and i have no rite to dispute it
for it is good Shore Well father they wase
a fine yung man that got shot the other
day in our regiment but not in our Com
pany, his name was Kemp he
was Stooped over his trunk the
Pistol droped out of his coat poc
ket and when it hit the trunk it
Fired and Shot him in the brest
he died in 8 minetes after the Shot
they have stoped us Caring pistols. Playing
cards. Swareing. and all other Bad
habits if tha are disobeyd
Punishment comes on
[page 3]
Well. Mother. I. want to
say to you a few words tho
We are now 1400 Miles
apart, But that is not Far
I Want you to never let me bother
your mind at all Whatevr
for i believe that We Will Be in
DeCalb Co. in 60 days from now
But I Cant Tell. We may
stay 12 months out But
Never mind dont get un
easy for I am a come to Geo.—
as soon as we Whip the yankeys
Some times i get to thinking about
all of you and i Feeld awful
I have not got rum write
[page 4]
Well Tell Granmother and
all of the rest of the folks
that I have not for got them
yet But that I am as
fat as a bore tell the girls
that I am acoming down
to the Singing Next sund
ay. I must com to aclose by
sining my name. I want you
to rite as you get this and
leters to Richmd virginia and
in care of Capt J W Fowl[?]
7 Regiment gorgias voleteers
and then it will come to me
W E Talton to M P Tal
M. P. Talton

June 28, 1861


Company E, 7 GA Infantry


Father of William E. Talton
Family of William E. Talton


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Andrea Cudworth
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June, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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