Winchester verginia June the 29 th 1861
as i did not have rum in my letter to
Finish it I will finish now tho I
have nothing to write worth be gining But
I will Say a few word more but I
hardley now what to Say. So I will Begin
N. Elysebth Well Cis take care of your
Self for there is more Pleasur to be Seen
in GA. than they is here in a army —
if I Could get a Bate of greens. or —
Beens. or English. Pees. or Irish.—
Potatos. I would feeld as fat as a –
Bore in the fall of the yeare.

Well Thom what are you a driving
at now your same old trad tho. I.
Reckon Farming and I tell you it it
a good trade if i know any thing
about it Tom you must be a god boy
tell i come back home
and wen you get to fly ing around
the girls you must think of your
Bud. pore me fourteen hundred
miles a way from you and rest
Easy enough So good By

Tell Jane. and. Zan. . henry.
and Ronny. that I want to see them
verry mutch. I want to see
Rony the worst kind tell the
nabors that I am well O yes verry well
ugly. as Ever. and as bad acorden.
turn to the other Side
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Well Pap I suspse you want to know
wahat the times is here abou the Wars
we have not had any fite here yet but they
are a talk ing of March ing Back to
Harpers Ferry I heard that thay had
a litle Battle yester day there Slade 30
Sothern Troops and 80 Northern trops
it may not be So it is only reported
we are under. Genral John son commnding
Chief of forces here general Beuragard
is in too miles of Alaxanra with
thousandd men he says he will
make the Federal troops rout from
there or try for it. at the sitty of {in
Washington they say they are 700 men {a w eeks
carried in to the North to be {berried
if it be true they will soon {week tim
be whiped with out fite i[n]g any
Well I am about done at present
But tell Robert D Goza to have
the largest Water melons Redy
by the time I get there for I want
a full doast so I will come to a
close I want you to write as soon
as you get this and direct your
letters to Richmon va

Direct your leters to the Seventh
Georgia Ridg ment in care of
Captin Foler Georgia volentiers
W E Talton To M P Talton
And fameley Good Buy to yo
for this time

June 29, 1861


Company E, 7 GA Infantry


Father of William E. Talton
Family of William E. Talton


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