Geo Pike Co

Sep 21 1862
Mr Wm H Harden
Dear Companion I now Seat my Self to let
you know that I am well at presant hoping
when these lines Come to hand they will
find you enjoying the best of health
I received your kind and affectionate letter this
morning and was truley glad to hear from
you I am glad to hear that you have got your
shirts I was afraid that you would not get
them I made you one to send by Mr Daniel
but I will not send it now you have got them
Mr Daniel starts Tuesday morning I will send
you a gug of Syrrup your Ma give me some butter and
some flour to Bake you some bread and ginger
Cakes Aunt Varchus put in some Flour to for
gimmy Short I will put it to gether Varchus
says to divide bread with him She never had
no Butter to send I will put in some
Raw Potatos I would Cook them they
would mash al to pieces. Mollie is not
well She has the worst Cold you ever saw
She had high fever last night and night
before me and Ma never Sleeped much with her
[page 2]
She havent got but two teeth yet I think that
is mostly what ails her She is the Seetest little
girl you ever saw Pas folks is al well but minda
we al think She has the yellow ganders Mr
Lynch family is al well except the Children
has the hooping Cough Mrs Lynch heard from
him the 20th of Sept he was at Beans Station
the 12 James Riaris is with him unsirtain
wheth he dead or alieve now Cap is going to
Start after him Tuesday morning I havent heard
from your Crop and hogs Since I rote the last
letter I heard that [Lihue?] is going to give me
half of the tobacco Mr Brooks is got [?] Syrrup
made I dont know how much there is of it
I will try to get Pa to go with me down there
this weeak and then I will tell you more about
it Pa says that he has nothing that will
interest a Suckling Pig let alone a man he has
no late news. we are all out of salt now Ma is
got a pig up Fatning for the Sasation you
must try and Come then it Commences on
Fryday before the 3 Sunday in Oct. I must
Come to a Close I am in a hurry now Mr
Daniel is going to start this evening I will write more the [?]

September 21, 1862


Wife of William H. Harden


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


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Shiloh Peters
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March, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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