Camp Gordon Feby 21est/63.
Dear Companian I seat myself
this beautiful Saturday morning to
drop you a line which will inform
you that I am well and hearty
hoping, however , that these lines may
reach and find you and Mollie
Well and doing well.. and all the rest
of the Connection. Neighbors and friends
Sublime and imposing is the Subject
upon which I am about to write
While I am not Cappable of giving to you
a correct Narative.. We were called upon
yesterday to go out on a general
review, we takened took our arms
and accoutrements and Marched
out, and fliled [1] right, and went to
Savannah but we we fell in with
a multitude of Soldiers on the out
Skirts of the City.. There the lively
Strains of Martial music fell upon
our Ears which seemed to fill every
heart with courage.. we then formed
new lines accordin to order, and march
ed through the City out to the South
parade Ground and then we
[page 2]
[lines drawn on top of page]
7000 Soldiers only [?] from each co. [2]
were formed in lines represended by
the above mark.. the small marks
around out Side are Infantry.. The marks
in Side the Square are two Reg,,s of
Cavalry.. General Beaureguard, and
Mercer with their Staffs.. then
commensed on the Side next to
Savannah and rode all round
inSide, and out. They then
placed themselves on the line and
we marched around.. then we marched
back to town and formed a line
before Col.. Gordans door, and then
he give us all a dram that is our
Reg.. and then we marched
back to camps..
we expect to see a man shot
to morrow.. or next day.. it is the same
one I wrote about before he
belongs to John Pats Co. rumor
says there is to be 4 more shot
on or a bout the same time
they are desorters I do not think
that I will like to see them
shot.. but I may have to
[page 3]
Jane Mr. Bowen. is discharged,
and will start home in a short
time and I will send my Janes
coat home by him, I will put
it in along with Mr. Spencers
coat and send it to his wife
and she will send it to
you it will get there Tuesday
or wednesday next.. I want you
to write me word whether you
get it I think it safer to
send it [???] that way
than to keep it hear.
W,H, Harden

[note upside down at bottom of the page]
Be Careful how you
open this there is
a booger in it.

[additional script at bottom right corner of page]
M B [Jorill?]
[H M H?]
[page 4]
I have several more things of interes
to rite but I have not time I must
close Mr Benson is better Mr
Orear is well Mr.. Spencer is grunting
about John Pat is well
Jane if Jim Shockley comes
down hear send me so butter if you
have got it and a little dried
fruit.. we get enough to eat
but any thing from home
will be acceptable no[w?]
So I must close
good by Jane
Yours &c
W. H. Harden
To N. J. H.

  1. fliled = filed
  2. note next to drawing
February 21, 1863


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


Wife of William H. Harden


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Camp Gordon


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Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
March, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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