Thunderbolt Battery May 16th 1863
Mrs. Nancy J. Harden
My Dear Companion! I again seat myself to drop
you a few lines which will inform you that I am well at
this time hoping these lines may reach and find you and
Mollie Both well also all the rest of the family, & Connection
I was discharged from the Hospital, day before yesterday
and yesterday I was sent with, a detachment of 5 men 2 ½ miles
out on the River, to do picket duty, and I have
just got back to camps. it has been raining ever since
I started yesterday morning. it is now raining just right
to wet good and to make grass grow the rain is constant
Now and Steady. Well I have some more good
News, and that is this: yesterdy an order came granting
furloughs, for 7 men at a time, to start now, and
on the 1.rst of June: all those who have families
dependant on them, and have wheat to Save are to come
home then, So I think I will get the chance to come
then I tell them that I have an interest in 3 crops
Old man Hilliard’s, old man Seap’s and John Pats.
the last named you know, I contracted to Save
Consequetly I shall try to come home on or about
the 1rst. of June next.. I would like for you to send
me that money, as we have not drawn any yet and they
Say they do not know when we will. though if I get the
chance I am coming home money or no money.
Mr. Williams one of the men who got a furlough
to day will leave this at Milner for you
I hope you will get it soon. I w[??] over. now.
[page 2]
Well now I write some more. The cannon have
been fireing every half hour to day, in honor to the
Gallant Dead General “Stonewall Jackson”
Who Died of wounds in Va. it is now 2.oclock it
is still raining yet. I will now tell you what
I saw yesterday,at my Post of Duty. I had in my
posession 2 long. Spy-glasses, with which I could see a
great distance. There is a very tall pine Standing out
near the mouth of the Savannah River, and I saw
a man Standing guard up near the top of the pine he
has a platform up there, about 4 feet wide & 6 feet long
with banisters like some little porch. he also has
a rope ladder by which, he goes up. By the aid of those
glasses, one may see his gun his hat, his hair, beards
and every thing Just as plain as if it had been in 50
yards of me, and with the naked eye you can not
See the pine unless the weather is very fair. I could see
the Sentnels at Caustin’s-Bluff, and at Thunderbolt
just as plain as if they had been right at me
We have houses all along here on the cost 2,3 or, 4, miles
apart, which we call Signal towers, and we can give
Signs, for any thing we want, from one to an other. [?]
Such as the approach of an enemy the appearance of
a boat or any thing els. our Sentinels have to look through
these Telescopes every 1or 2 minuets, in the day time
we give Signs By a white or red flag in the night by
2 torchs of fire. Besids this there is a Telegraph line
all round on the cost from Genesis point to Savannah
So we are well fixed to report if the enemy should come
[page 3]
I will stop writing now until the mail comes
and see if I dont get a letter to day — —
It is now 5..oclock and the mail has not got
here yet, and I hardly know how to finish
my letter, but I will add a few more lines, and
Close We have had a fine game of Town Ball
which gave me good Exercise, and I was on the
Side that beat. there is 2 Schooners here to
day they Say they are going to runn the Block-
ade and they may Stir up a little fight
for what I know. we have news here that our
Army has been whiped at Vicsburg, and I
think it is so though the papers do not Say any
thing about it. It has rained So to day that
I have not done any washing So my shirt is black
We do not have dirty clothes here they are black
It has Stoped raining now, though it is cloudy
We are Still looking for an other fight at
Charleston S.C. or at Savannah one of the 2
places. Tell the Doctor to Send me Something
to think about or to laugh at. Tell the Girls
to write to me. Tell Aunt Varchus. That I
will write to her, and to Pa next week..
Give my respects to uncle John Smith and
Aunt Betsy. for they have been good friends to me
Give Present my respects to the Connection and
friends, And Receive my undivide Love to
your Self.. yours &c in absence.
W.H. Harden
Nancy Harden
[page 4]
This is now Sunday morning 17th
Before Breakfast. The Mail came last night
So I will fix up my letter and start it
of[f] this morning as these men did not get of[f] yesterday
they are going to start this morning.
Dear Jane I am still well to day.
I want you to write me when you heard
from all the Boys, i.e. from Ikey and John, and John
Dawson William, and from Ed Harden William Cook
and Elijah, and Tandy key and all the rest
Write whether Joe has come home or whether they
have caught him, write a great many things that
I cant think about not,
and what you think of the wheat crop
I have not seen John Pat.. in 4 .or 5. weeks
I believe I am out of Sorts for this time
write soon, if not sooner.
So Farewell for this time
W.H. Harden
P.S. I have got to clean my gun up
to go on inspection to day.

[Written along left margin]
Lieut.. Johnson will bring this in Stead of Mr Williams

May 16, 1863


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


Wife of William H. Harden


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Thunderbolt Battery


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