[Some letters cut off in left margin of photograph]

Thunderbolt Battery, June 30th 1863
Mrs. Nancy J. Harden.
Dear companion It is with pleasure that I Seat
self to drop you a few lines, to let you know how
[i?]m. I am well as common at this time hoping these lines
reach and find you, & Mollie both well also all the
of the connection & friends.. this regt. was mustered
]day for pay.. we will draw our money.. Now when
uarter master gets it let that be long or short we muster
[?]day regular every 2 months. on the last day of the month
then we get our pay Sometimes in 5.or 6. days & maby
25 days or 35. I have no News to write to day
[I?] have drawn more clothing I drew a coat, pants,
[?]t, drawers, and Shoes. We are Entitled to 4. suits
[?] and if we get them I shall get more than I need
got some cloths here now that I would send
if I had a chance. but if we do not move
[?]here I can take care of them here until I can
[?]them home Some Say that we will be
oved from here, and that the raw recruits
have been called out will take our place.
[?]hope that wont be so but I fear it will because
[?]are well drilled, and there is no prospect of [?] [1]
[?]t here, and they can Guard this place, and [??]
and they can put us where we will have [????]
runn. If the Yanks were to come and [????]
ll me, to runn, I think I could beat the Co [?]
here to Savannah, I would just fairly [????]
[page 2]
I do not fear the Yankees like I do Sickness
Sickness is prostrating our men every day. we have
2 Sick in Hospital and 5.or 6. in camps. Mr. Benson
is at the hospital and is very bad off.. he has the
feaver, but I do not know what sort of feaver it
is. The Dr.. Says he is not dangerous, but he is sceard
he sent down here to day for the Capt. to go and
write his Will. I do not know wheather he did it
We have an another man in the Hospital with the typhoid
Feaver.. his Name is Harris.. We here that they are still
Fighting at VicsBurg but we do not know the
result.. you hear as much or more about that as we do
I must quit writing now until after dress parade..
then I will finish July 1.rst I am still well
this morning I hear no News of importance here yet..
I am glad to hear that granny Cook has got so she
can walk with out her crutches.. I am sorry to hear
that they have not caught Joe yet.. I think he has
got his everlasting Discharge.. I am sorry to learn that
Frank & Elie are not to be heard of but I hope they will
turn up Some where Soon.. though they may not.
our drilling has got to be some lighter now than it had
be we drill about 2 hours a day now.. that is soon in the
morning, and late of evening. we have a heap of rain
now it rains evey day and has been for a weak past..
was 2 men struck By lightning the other day they
[?ending] now they belong to Co. A. the crops look
here there has been some fodder pulled here and
is plenty of roasting ears here now but the sell
[page 3]
for 30.cts. a piece making the corn worth about 30.
dollars per bushel in the ear. Vegetables of every kind
are plenty, but they are demanding about 10 prices.
the Soldiers buy some and press some.
I think I will get home yet soon enough to save
hay. I understand that you have got it in Pike
plentifuly. Mr Benson is some Better thay say..
I forgot to mention that I drew a cap also..
I am exceedingly sorry that my babe is sick I hope
She will be well soon.. I will tell you of my dream
last night I thought I was at home.. and saw
you and Mollie I thought she was very saucy and
when we went to bed she got mad and wanted
me to get a way she did not want me to sleep with
you & her.. but she soon got so that she
would not stay with no one but me.. &c..
We heard down here that John Sikes & his
wife parted parted while he was at home and
she went to her Mothers. & he went to his.. but
I do not know it to be so.. I can not imagine
what made them part.. if they loved one another
well enough to runn away to marry it [???]
like they might live well together b[????] [2]
be his fault.. for I know he used t[??]
Boy It is not any use for me to [???]
will come home for I know not the [??]
men have been here 12 month and M [??]
yet. it may be so with me [???]
Mr Spencer is quite sick and [??]
[page 4]
had the toothache ever since she has been here
I think this is a bad place for women some
few respectable women comes but there is so
many leud Women here that a virtuous
woman becomes disgusted at their conduct.
I can not think of any more to write
So I will close
Write me Soon..
Your Devoted Husband
Wm H Harden

John Pat.. is well.. or was
Yesterday I saw Joshua Masting

[partially ripped/obscured postscript]
the above one of the Nurces
here, and they are going to send Mr Benson
eral hospital in Savanah
must tell Mrs Benson of it
there.. WHH

  1. page damaged at ends of lines
  2. page damaged
June 30, 1863


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


Wife of William H. Harden


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Thunderbolt Battery


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March, 2012
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