Thunderbolt Battery July 2dd 1863
Mrs. Nancy J. Harden.
My Dear wife. I seat my Self a gain to write you
one more letter.. Stating to you that I am in
timid health.. though on duty now I am writing
at the guard house.. I hope these lines may reach and
find you & Mollie well, & all the family
We have a Stiring excitement here to day.
we have orders to cook up 3 days rations..
and be ready to move at the tap of the drum
and they are prepareing as fast as they can..
I do not know where we will go to.. Some Say
to Charleston, and others say to Vicsburg..
but I do not know where..
I have got some cloths, & some rice which
I shall have to leave if I do not get the
chance to send it home.. I reccon
I will leave them with Mrs. Spencer.. if she
dont leave and Mr Spencer is sick, and
not able to leave now.
Since writing the above I have found out that
they are fighting at Charleston.. and we have to go
there post-haste.. I do not like to there but I cant
help it.. about 2 minuets ago I read a letter from
you.. which has given me great Satisfaction to learn
that you was well.. and all the rest of the family
I wish I could eat one of them good apples.. or some of them
biscuits but alas: I may never eat one from your hands;
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[first line obscured in copy]
I reccon we will start to charleston by the morning
train.. we will hardly start any sooner.. you need not
write any more until you hear from me again
I have got a little paper.. and I will write every chance
I get if you dont get a letter soon dont be uneasy for
I may not have the chance to write soon
Tell Sammy that I would like to have him with me if he had
to go to the Army at all.. and Jim Bevel also.. though
I want them to go where they want to..
you Never Said which Mrs.. Borrow it was that was
Married nor which Doyl. I suppose it is Col..
Doyl, and Mrs Ed. Barrow..
We here that our Boys have taken HarrisBurg Pa.
the Capital of that State also York, a town in the
Same State.. and that the yankees are moveing
their Stock, hogs, cows & horses farther north.
I can not keep form thinking about our trip
in the morning to Charleston.. I dread it
for I hear that they are advancing by land
and water if so they will give us fits to keep
them a way from the city you must do the best
you can for yourself & Mollie, that you can
I may Never, get home.. but I hope for the
Better.. You must not forget to bring Mollie
up in the way She Should go.. do not learn her
to be hauty & proud (I mean mainly so) I wish I could
see her and hear her talk some.. So I will close.
Farewell for this time Wm. H. Harden

July 2, 1863


Company C, 63 GA Infantry


Wife of William H. Harden


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Thunderbolt Battery


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March, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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