June the 20th 1864

GayresBurg North Carolina
Dear Farther your
kind and welcom letter of date
the 16:. reached me on the 19 th
and affords me much pleasure to
hear from you and to hear that
you was all well and in prosperity
you letter was directed to camp
rolins but it followed me
I can say to you in reply that
I am well and in prosperty
I can say to you that the [????]
you sent me came to me very
safe I can say to you that we get
anugh to eat hear such as it is
but it isnt like home I wish
I was at home to halp you
save your wheat and other grain
I wish I could be with you
in the shop to healp you stock
sythe blaids and other work
I want to see you all much
[page 2]
I was very glad of the five dolars
you sent me though I did not nead
as I have sold my wach you kneed
not send me any more money till
write for som I have now
about seventy dolars at this time
and I have one ten dollar bil I will
sen you as I want to send you
something any how pleas let
M elen Webster have her
[r???] [chairs?] if she has not got
them pleas write to me your
shuggar cane is coming on
I send you my best respects [???]
the time will soon come when
I will get to come home I hav
ritten a letter to Mr Jones
tell my mother that I was very glad
that the fifteen cts I sent her
came to hand safe tell her
I would send a pound of
soda if I had any wais to send them
[page 3]
Dear Sister i drop you a few
lines to in from you that
your kind and wel com letter
of date the 16th reach me on the 20 t
and affords me much pleasur
to hear from you and to hear that
you was well your 2 dollars
came to me very safe and you
wrote to me to have my type [1]
taken if I could I can say to
you that I have tried to have
it taken but did not succeed
in getting it done but I will
have it taken if I can get
it done any wee are staidy
moving we dont stay at a
plase toe days at a time
I herd a good sermon preached
the other day it was like
mr Jones but it was not
Jones I have hard three sermons
preached since I have bin here
[page 4]
I have bin trying to get
Some hyme books to send
to you all in the kneighber hood
but I can not get any
I must come to a close by
Saying Honor thy Farther and
Mother this is the greatest
commandament you dont no
how bad it is to live absent
from your pariants I have
many persecutions down
hear but I will rejoice and be
exceeding glad for great is
my servarce in heaven
nothing more at prasent I
remain yours truly until death
{ James .H. Baker
Dere father pleas write to me
if you get this money nothing
more at prasent write as soon
as you get this I remain yours
affecetionate son until death JH Baker

  1. type = photograph
June 20, 1864


Company D, 4 Battalion, NC Junior Reserves


James H. Baker's Father


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North Carolina
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North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2010
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