Fort Fisher NC April the 26/64
My Dear Mother I Seat my Self to
drop you a fue lines to in form you
that I am well and harty all except
my arm and I ues it yet but I hop
I will get So I can before long but I am
Sent hear for duty but I cant doe it for
for I cant ues my hand to doe duty but
the capt Said that he wood git me on Sum dea
and if he dont I will do Nothing for I cant doe
any thing with my hand Mother I want to See
you but I dont expect to See you tell the
war closes for tha wont let me go be fore the
bord [1] and I dont cear for I am in hopes that the
war will close this year and if it dos I hope
I will live and if I do I will a [?]at for
what tha ar a doing to me for tha wont
let me go home on a sick forlow but I wish
I could See but So it is I cant yet but I hop the
time is not far disten of I will Say to you I cant
tell you how I like the place yet So I will
com to a close for this time So yours truly
un tell Deth D R Barnhill to his
lovin Mother Susan Barnhill
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Mr A.J. Barnhill Fort Fisher NC April the 26/64
My Dear Brother I Seat my Self to write you
a fue lines to let you know that I am well and
harty and I hop that these fue lines will rech
you in due time and find you injoying the best of
helth . A.J. I am on my way to fort fisher while
I am writing this letter to you and I have Not
mutch to write to you at this time . A.J.. I can
Say to you that I cant tell you when I will
git the chance to com home to See you but
I want to See you and I thougth I wood git the
chance to come home but So it is I cant for the
Dr Said that he could Not carry me befor the
bord I wood have to go to my company and
then go before the bord and he Sent me to my
Company to day and when you write to me you
can Say to fort fisher in car of capt D Patterson [2]
and I will git them . A.J. I want you to tel N..H. and
C..B. [3] to write to me and you can tell them wher I 
am and you can give my love to all the rest of the
famly and to ..N..H. and .C..B.. and famlyis and So
I must com to a Close for this time So yours
truly untell Deth D..R.. Barnhill
to his Brother A..J.. Barnhill So give my
love to Mother and tell her I want to See
her the worst in the world So close
D R B to A..J. Barnhill

  1. medical board
  2. Capt. Daniel Patterson, Co. H, 2nd NC Art.
  3. his brothers N. H. and C. B. Barnhill
April 26, 1864


Company H, 2nd NC Artillery


Duncan R. Barnhill's Mother
Duncan R. Barnhill's Brother


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 
New Hanover
From Note: 
"Fort Fisher"


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
June, 2010

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