Plymouth Was Co October the 26
My dear husband I take the pleasure
to rite you a few lines to let you
know we are all well at present
and hope this will find you well
and let you know how we are gett
I have got the peas
and corn in the house field and
thar was 20 loads in the shuck
one load shucked out measured
11 tubs I have got the rice
thar is about 5 bushels I havent f
it out yet and got through with
the cane it was so small and we
dident run it through but once
I only got two galons I am now a
sowing the wheat in the old wheat
patch yesterday and to day I have
had the cotton picked out and the children
is picking the peas out of the field
whar the potatoe patch is I want to
get in the cor[n] and potatoes this week
and next
[page 2]
so I can get the hogs in to rute the
patch so that I can sow the wheat
I have 4 barrels of cider and enough
apples beat to fill another I sent one and
the honey beer to the still that one
was beat about the time you left
I have half barrel of grape juice
you know them apples at the old place
rotes so bad when they are hou[??]
and thar is so much to do thar is
hardley time to beat them so I thou
ght I would Sell what I could of them
William thought it would pay about as
well they will bring from six to
ten dollars a bushel abisha was
agoing to mill to morrow so I
hierd Marion Bayner horse and
solomon will go with him with
a load of apples to town the 50th
regament is left town and whit
ford has come the yakees come to
pungo creek brige and tore it up
that is about all the damage I
[page 3]
can hear of thar doing the men
was all orderd of last sunday
to camp homes and I havent heard
from them since it looks like bad
times here I had a letter from
[??] Antoney he ses Thomas
deserted or left the hospitle the
day before that box got thar and
[????] was in peters burg gua
rding some privet property and he
was at Richmond so they broke
the box open and made way with
the contents he hadent got only
five pair of socks he sed both
of the letters that I sent to thomas
and zachry was handid to him
broken open he wanted a list of
the things he thought he could
get pay for them it is reported
that thomas is gone to the yankees
he started down in hyde [1] to see his
aunt Julia I shouldent be surprised
if he had for he talked like it
[page 4]
send me some postage stamps
if you can with out putting your
self in the way of the yellow fever
dont tun aney resk we cant buy
aney in plymouth Rodah [2] has a
fine daughter born monday night
thar is some grapes on the vine
yet your bunch [??????????????] [3]
the frost bit them the baby loves
them first rate I wish you could
have some of them I want you to
find our how long a furlow you
can get and get as long as you can
a month if you can I would like for
you to be home when we kill hogs
I dreamed last night that I told
you I wished I had some of your
good sugar and coffe and you sed
it wasent good thar is two weme
here to night from tyerl Co [4] bin to
leachvil after a orphen child I rote this
after they went to bed it 12 oclock
may the lord bless you to get home to stay
and finely you is my prayer ALB

  1. Hyde County, NC
  2. Henry’s sister, Rhoda Bateman
  3. damage at fold in the page
  4. Tyrrell County, NC
October 26, 1864


Henry Bowen's wife


Confederate States Marines


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2010
Proof Date: 

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