July the 18 1863 N C
I seat my self this
mornning to rite you a few
lines to let you no that
I am well at this time
and I hop when thes few
lines come to your hand
they may find you well
and dowing well al so I
aint laid by no corn
yet but a bout three
days plowing and it is
raining now and evry
thing wants work now
and is so weet we cant
plow nor dow nothing
else it rain every day
or neight I never saw
so much rain in my life
not this time year tell this
I got my wheat oup and
[page 2]
it is the worst spilt you
ever saw in your life
and my oates is all
out yet and I dont
no when I Can get them
up they ar sproued now
Corn is mightly down now
and want plowing and
the warter is stand on
the ground now and the
potatoes wants work now and it is
so wet I cant work them and my
tobacco it is drowned out mitly
and dont grow atall hardly it
keeps so wet we hav rain here
every day most more or less I
hav not got no letter from
Ezekiel nor Augustin yet scence
I saw you george was hear the
other day and siad he got aletter
from you and you rate that you
had the dipthery and I want you
[page 3]
to rite to me how you is and
where you is whether you is in
the hospitle or not and let me
no soon I want you to get afurlo
and come home next week if you
Can farther and Mother is up and
about as common and the rest is all
well I heard that there has ben agreat
fight in pensylvania or Marilain and
we lost a great many of men so
I heard lex gordon and green woods
son killed so I heard and the most
of that company I heard that there
was but 2 left in the leasburg grays
I exspect you hear as murch about
the fights as I do so I will quit riteing
about it Nathaniel and family is all
well at this time there is another call
for the men from 40 to 45 and they
say they is to be in raleigh by the
first day of August Nathaniel is
got to go he says he would be glad
to see you come home before he starts
[page 4]
Thomas and family all well at this
time you can tell Calvin that
Elizabeth and the children is well
you can tell Jas A Marshall that
I saw Mr Marshall yesterday and
he said they was all well
and tel John Malone his folks
is all well at this time and the
neighbors is all well as far as
I no at this time Some boddy
come hear wednesday night
and stold a bee gum as good
one as we had I recon I hav
no interresting nuse to rite to
you at this time so I will
come to aclose by saying howdy
and good by and wishing you
well no more ar present only
remain you brother untill
Death Jas G Broach to Pleasant W

July 18, 1863


Richard Broach's son; remained at home during war


Richard Broach's son
Company A, 50th NC Infantry


From State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
November, 2010
Michael Ellis
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