N C august the 1
I seat my self to rite
you a few lines to let
you no I am well
at this time and I hope
when these few lines
come to your hand they
may find you well and
dowing well all so I got
your letter and I was Glad
to hear that you was mend[ing?]
you sed in your letter
you wanted me to go to
Mr Philip whecley and
get you shoes I will
go and get theme the first
Chance I get and bring
theme home and I aint
my crop yet I am
Don Plowing my corn
I never saw so much ran
[page 2]
in my life it rain
hear three day this weeak
and it is Clear heare
this morning I rote in
that last letter I Sent
you word that N Broach
had to go by the first
day of August but he
dont hafter go not yet
and I dont no when
will now maby not a tall
I was in hopes you and
Jams A mrshall wod
bin home by now I
hav bin looking for you
to come home this last
weeak and I would
be glad to see you come
N Broach and famly
is all well at this time
[page 3]
and Pappay aint vary well
but is up and a bought
and mother a bought as
Common and all of the
rest is as well as common
at this time the neighbors
ar Jenreal well as far as
I no Thomas and famly
is all well at this time
and george was hear last
Sunday and they was
all well then I want
you to rite to me whn
you want enny thing
or not and if you dow
you must send me word
and I will send it or
fethchet it I aint got
my wheat out yet
and I dont no when will
[page 4]
corn is mighty case [1] a
bought hear and is mighty
hy they say corn is worf
forty dollars a buseal
and wheat five dolars
a busheal and I dont
no what it will be
I aint got nothing
interreting to rite at
this time I bring my
lines to a cose for this
time I remain brother
un tell deth So houdy
and good by tell I see
you a gain you must
excuse my bad riting
my Pen is no Pen
a tall cant rite with
it James G Broach
to P W Broach

  1. case = scarce
August 1, 1863


Richard Broach's son; remained at home during war


Richard Broach's son
Company A, 50th NC Infantry


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
November, 2010
Michael Ellis
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