Winchester Via
Sept the 29th 1862
Dier Father mother brother
& Sisters I now seat my self
to let you now the destressing
nuse that your beloved Son Thomas is
gon from time to eturnity he
Died the 26th of instant in the
horspittle I was with him when
he died I & wm. was sent to the hors
pittle that day & then I Wm
went that nite got there about
sun set & he died about one O
clocke he died verry easy & was
in his rite mind untel the last
we went & saw him berryied
they berryied him as well as
times would afford they maid
him a coffin & dug him a verry
good grave the place where they
berryd him is namd newton in
a town in a large grave yard
[page 2]
I am only just able to bee
up about my self though mending
some if I had something to eat
as my appetite would take I
should mend Rite smart but
we dont get any thing but
fresh beef and not much salt
to go with hite and flour bread
& I can skecly eat enough to
live on Wm is com plaining
Rit bad thoug he is up about
Bardin is as well as common the
Rest of they neighbor hood
boys is all up Hiram has bin sick
but has got better we all want
to come home one more time &
see you all one more time &
get something to eate as we can
eate there is nothing that would
bee more sais faction than to
get back home with you all
one more time we heare a
heap of tails a bout peace
[page 3]
but we dont now how about hit
I dont reckon there wil bee any
chance for us to come home
ontel peace is for we are sofar
of that we cant get no furlow
untel we get nigher home
if we could get to Richmon
to stay I should try to come
one more time but I dont now
where we are agoing our army
is all back in Via but what
they are going to do I cante
tel I want you to let my
folks now the nuse & I want
them to Rit to me & you &
Jessee all and dyrect your
letters to win ches ter &
see if we cant heare from
you all one more time we
hant herne from you all
sence the 1th of august I want
you all to Rite how you are
getting along & what for
[page 4]
Crops is raisd in that neigh
bor hood & how mine & Bardins has
turnd out & I want you all to
see to my folks the best they can
I wish I could bee at holme
now & help a while tel Jesse I want
him & Robert to help all they can
& about Thomas is money when
we ever draw we shall try to
draw his if we can & if cante
we will send word to you
& let you try see if you can
he would haf enough to part
ley pay for his land but it
wil never do him any good but
it ort to bee kep for you as long
as it is partley paid for So I
will come to a close I hope we
Shal all met a gaine on eart
& then we can tel you more
than we can Rite So nothing
more I remain your loving
Son un tel death Austin.. Brown

September 29, 1862


Company F, 13th Battalion NC Light Artillery


Wife of Thomas Brown
Name Variant: 
Husband of Sarah Brown


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To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2010
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