NC Wake Conty Campmang
april 14 1862 I take my
pen in my hand to let you noy
that i am weell i hope these fue
linds may find you the same i resevd
yourr leter 14 i was glad to here from
you i wood like to see you all tell
Merson and James and elien and
robbert i wont them all to be good boys
for i dont noy whn i will get to com
home the my let too of the Comney goy
at A time i will Come as suns as i
Can i wont you to remember me on
tel deth life is on se sorten ther
is too dise amost ever day hore
and i dont now how sune my time
will Come you rit to me like you
diden Care mch A bote mey i didnot
rite them lise to you i will rite my
one leters my self after this i dont
now What the put in my leter if you
get mad fore that i cannot hep that
W P Cline to M C Cline
[page 2]
you wonted to now what mse i was in
i can harly tell you thare is too meny in
A mess [1] J L huit a huit f huit w huit
C goomon S Parker C Parker J sronc
J Props W Props C seter h Parkins
J Miller C Cobb And W P Cline
We have got A nufe to eate here
baken rise shuger some dry frute
i wont to now how you er formen i
wood like to be dire i hope that i
will git dire some time if i dont
i wont you to remember mey on
tell deth i tave nothen more to rite at
dis time i must Come to aclose by
saying to you rite to mey i cannot
tell you how i liked it i wont to
now if you have got eny bodey staying
with you you did not say enything
Abotit i wont to now if C huit is
plowing fore you i have no gote
eny money yite W P Cline to
M C Cline
[page 3]
A NC Wake Conty Campgum [2]
aprile 14 1862 roly [Raleigh]
dere fre farerlaw i take my pen in
of my hand to let you noy that i
am well i hope that these fue linds
may find you in the Same helth
i wood as sune be a at home laing
plows but i dont now now when
i Will doo dat A gane i wont you
to ose mey 75 sents i
Wont you to git dat Lawson props
ose mey 50 sents John boyd
ose mey 25 sents i wont you to git
it for mey if you plese
th nothing mare at presen i
must Come to aClose by
saying rite to mey tell
mey all the nuse the boys
had rote nasty leter for mey
after dis i will rite y my one
leters i dont i rote dis leter
my sl self W P Cline to
mister John sud<???>bit
[page 4]
i wont you to mey some in<??>
fare it is hard to git hire i wood
send you some stamps but direr is
nune hare i spect dire will be
some here dis week i will
send you some as sune as i can
lawson Wilson [3] will be at home
nex itn satday i wont you to send
it with him if you plese dat
in<?> i spect we will git mon some
money dis week if i doo i
will send some with lawson
for i dont now when i will
git home my self no more at
presnt remember my mey on
tel deth baCk youer leter
to roly campmangan 46 rigment
in de Care of Capton Bost [4]
A W P Cline to M C Cline

i wont to now if you can read dis

  1. the members of Cline's mess were Joseph L. Huit, Alexander Huit, Franklin Huit, William Huit, Columbus Goodman, Samuel Parker, Charles Parker, Joseph Shronce, John Propst, William Propst, Calvin Setzer, Henry Perkins, Jesse Miller, and Calvin Cobb, all privates in Co. K, 46th NC
  2. Camp Mangum
  3. Pvt. James Lawson Wilson of Co. K
  4. Capt. Adolphus T. Bost of Co. K, 46th NC Inf.
April 14, 1862


Company K, 46th NC Infantry


William P. Cline's Wife


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North Carolina
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"Camp Mangum


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North Carolina
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Brett Young
Transcription Date: 
March, 2009
Michael Ellis
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July, 2009

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