NC wake Co campmanggum
May 3 1862
dear wife i take my pen in
my hand to let you now that
i am well and i hope When
thes fue linds Coms to hand
may find you All well i can
tell you that we will leav
dis place next thursday
V [1] er going A golbure [2] i ispect  
i will not stay dire i recon
i will goy to richmond the
exspect [a?] be dire i dont
recon that i will git to Com
home if we dont never
meat in dis world i hope
to meat you in A beter
world but i wod like to
see you all wonts more
if i dont i wont you to
remember mey on tell
deth they wos a thosen left
W P Cline to Mary C cline
[page 2]
hire the day dare wos
A leds the horse was full
bouth tims i will send you
my likness to you With
nelson wetherspoon [3] i wont
you to git it i now that
you like it if you like mey
for it look like mey i
giv fore dolars and 50
sents for it if a i wont
you to send mey some
liker if you Can if eny
body Coms from dire you
neden to send it with
out somebodey Comes with
it ore i will not git
it the water is bad
hire and meby it
will git noe beter done
dire W P Cline to M C Cline
[page 3]
thire is lots of sicknss
theire was forty dide in
one night hire i Can
tell you When A man
dise hire da er not looked
at no more then A dog
tell all my frends hody
fore my th fore i dont
now whecrer i will ever
git to see them eny more
er not i wont you to
pray for mey and
all for us all and youer
self remember youer
frend wild you liv
i must Come to aClose
by sayen rite to mey
as suns you Can
i wod like to see litel
elien one time more
W P Cline to M C Cline
[page 4]
i got A leter from
h P summit may first
day he was well he
sed day was on picit
gard and saw some
yankes he sed the run
be hind the brese from
dem i Wont you to
gow to newton and
git my bag it
is At lawson fry
it has got one <?>wit bed
blankit in it one Shurt
one pare of slips day
er some that i drode
i will tell you if i was at
home one time A gane i
wod stay dire five thousen
dolars wod not th take mey
Away from dire
W P Cline to M C Cline

  1. V = we
  2. Goldsboro
  3. the only Witherspoon in the 46th NC Inf. was Private August or Augustus Witherspoon of Co. K. No "Wetherspoon" is listed.
May 3, 1862


Company K, 46th NC Infantry


William P. Cline's Wife


From State: 
North Carolina
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From Note: 
"Camp Mangum


To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Brett Young
Transcription Date: 
March, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
July, 2009

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