NC goldbore may 24 1862
46 rigment Compney
my dear wife i take my
pen in my hand to let
you now that i am Albout
Well and i hope When thes
few linds coms to hand
may find you all in good
helth i resevd your kind
leter dis moren and it gave
me much Joy i got my
liker you sade that marke
huit was quarlen With you
you tell him if he sade that
he is A lier tel him to
stay away from my plase
if he ever pester you i
wont you to let me now
it When i com home i
think that dir will be
pouder and led A nufe
lefe to kill him then
[page 2]
i Com home i will give
him one lode he wod beter
be in the ware then to
be wheare he is he has been
A darn raskel all his life
i dont want you to let him
tutch eny of my things if
he dos i Will kill him dist
as stern as he is A man
if eny body pester you i
wont you to let mey now
it i wont ever body tend
to dar one bisnes if da dont
i will kill dem When i
Com hom if dir is dat
much powder and led
to be fond i hope that
i will git home sume
time And if i dont i
wont you to remember mey
on tel deth and i will re
[page 3]
member you if i cood
git to swe you all one
time A gane i Wod giv
one hunder dolars but
i hope that the time
is comen that i will
git to swe you A gane
i wont you to try and
have my heete [1] savd
if you can when i com
home i will tell you
all Abote thes things
the er maken all the
yankies prisen back
home i ho that he
will make pese be
fore longe if thie dont
i wode like to see
Markie huit going if he
dont i will heftet give
hime one loade i Wod
[page 4]
sure kill him as A
yankey you can tell
John summit that i
stood garde up in dat
soompe one night When it
rande all night you say
that i think of home hen
i have not ben rite well
sence i am so werie i cant
harly git A long but i
hope that i will get beter
in A fue days i mast
come to Aclose you must
fur giv my bad riten
i wont you to rite as
sune as dis Coms to hand
When dis you see reme
mber me and i will you
WP Cline to
Mary C Cline

  1. wheat?
May 24, 1862


Company K, 46th NC Infantry


William P. Cline's Wife


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 
From Note: 
"Camp near Goldsboro"


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Duane Gilson
Transcription Date: 
March, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
July, 2009

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