richmond VA
June the 9 1863
dear Wife it is with
plesh that i drop you A
few linds to let you
no that i Am well hopen
when the few lines Coms
to hand may find you All
in good helth i resevd
youer kind leter last
Sunday And i was glad to
hear that you was all well
V are now at richmond
but we will not stay
hire i think that we
will go on to fregrickburg
in A day are too i though
that i wod git to Come
home but i will not
git to Come now and
[page 2]
i dont no when i will
git to Come now We
met i l summit i
goldsbouth last Sunday
i hve saw old richmond
tel i hate to hear tel
of it eny more it is
the last plase fore
me thear was A man
that had run A way
six times in our regment
and he was shot yisday
when we got to peters
burg i tel you that it
looks hard to see A
man neal don And
have teelv balls put
thru him you sade
that i Shud send
[page 3]
Calcco [1] for bob A
Coat i will send it
as sune as i can git
A Chance to send
It i hant got nothen
new to rite at dis
time only i Can tel
you that i wod like
to Come home i wod
like to see you and
the Childern all one
time more it dont
seame like i Can ever
git to Come and it
dnt seame like dis
old ware will ever
Come to A end
the news was dis
morning that the was
[page 4]
fiting at fregrick
burg but i dont no
if it is So are not
So i must Come to
A Close by asken
you to rite as sune
as dis Coms to hand
Co i remain youer
dear husbon on
tel deth Co farwell
for dis time
derect youer leters
to richmond V A
W P Cline
to Mary C Cline

  1. calico?
June 9, 1863


Company K, 46th NC Infantry


William P. Cline's Wife


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North Carolina
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Duane Gilson
Transcription Date: 
March, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
July, 2009

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