VA gardensviles VA
october the 7 1863
Dear wife i seat my self to drop you
A few lines to let you no that i am
well hopen when thes few lines Coms
to hand may find you and the Childern
all in good helth i have rote too leters
i hant reseved nun frum you yit we
are still at gordens[vile?] yit we are
still in the gard house yit and i dont
no how long we will stay in it the
Capton got back last sunday night
he sed that he saw you and sed that
you was all well that wes the first
i hear frum thire sence i left thire
i wod like to git A leter frum you
the best in the world the boys dus get
leters but tha dont let me no eny
news that the git but i dont Care
much i hope that i will git out of dis
sam time and din i will fire with
the [b?]est dis is A hard time but
i hope that it will be over be fore i am
[page 2]
i l summit started to see mey
dis morning he Come past the gard
house and asked me if i wonted to [???]
[??] eny word i told him to tel
him that i was well and in the gard
house i wont you to send mi socks with
lawson wilson if he gits to Com home
the told me yisday that he was gonto
git A fallow and you may send my
gluves and neckles [1] if you Can [tel?] the
old mans fox [1] that i am well and dewen
the best that i Can and that ant much
i wod like to see them all but i dont
no when that will be mbey never
but i hope not Co i must Come to A Close
by asken you to rite as sune as dis
Coms to to hand Co i remain youer husbon
on tel deth derect youer to leters to
richmond VA 46 regment Compney
k in the Care of Capton Bost
when dis you see remember W P Cline
me and i will you to M C Cline
[written upside down at the top of the page:
tel me if the have took the tenth of youer
stuf ar not i tel you not let them have it]

  1. neckles = wool muffler?
  2. fox = folks
October 7, 1863


Company K, 46th NC Infantry


William P. Cline's Wife


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North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Brett Young
Transcription Date: 
March, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
July, 2009

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