Patomic Army Farfax Station Oct the 1 1861
Dear Pappy
I avail myself of this oppitunity
to inform you that I have ben improven ever since
you left. But is very week yet. I walk about some
every day. I have a very bad cough so I cant sleep at
night, and it keep me very saur. I is not able to writ
you along letter my hand is so nurves that I cant write
I would have writen to you befoure now . But I expect
to get a letter from you every day. I haven hured from
you untill the other day since you left me untill
the other day when Bal[??] Harras and Cee[?] Young
arive. They stated that you arrived saft and sound. I was
very anxious to hear from you. We haven receive but
one mail since you left I got Sisters letter to you
dated the 19th. Nuten Hicks & Ruffen Fuller arive last
Saturday and they stat that you arive saft. Our
Regiment left alast Fryday for Springfield on picket
duty, they will not return untill the last of this week
They expect to have a fight at Springfeild to day
the Yankees is advencen. Our Boys is throing up
Brest works to meet them. this is the peticulars of
the Yankees. But Fuller is heare sick. But I think
that he is beter this morning. Fes is with us
he have ben a Brother to me and I love him as a
Brother I never can forget him for what he have
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I haven got no discharg yet. But expect to get one
When the Rigement get Back. if I get one I will
come with Ruffen Fuller & Nuten Hicks. Mar you
must not be oneasy about me for I think that I will
get well. But I have ben very sick and would have
have died if it had not ben for Fes. It is usless for
me to tell you how mutch I have suffered I will
tell you when I come home Mar you must not
greave about Jo. & Nophlet for they are a thousan
times Beter off than we are I stade in the tent
with him untill the day before he died I was moved
into another tent Nophlet would call me and say
come to him But I could not come I will tell you
all he said another time my head is week and feebel
So I will come to a close Pappy we have not recieve
our Money and it will be a long time befour we
are do. I think, if we like eny I will write to you
for some. I want to see you all very bad and my
Sweet little Hettie kiss her for me. I am in hopes that
I will see you all soon. give my love to Cousin
James & Cousin Amy and all inquirin freinds Fes sends
his love to you all, I would write more
But I am to week. an to nerves. write to me soon and
often and I will do likewise nothing more But
remaning your affection Sun.
K. W. Coghill
Dr. Frank Fuller will get hear in the morning
Yancy is walking about I heard from him yestady

October 1, 1861


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Corporal to Private


Joseph W. Coghill's father


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May, 2011
Michael Ellis
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June, 2011

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