[The letter was presumably written to Kinchin W. Coghill]

Camp 23rd Regt. N.C.T
near Taylorsville Va
Dear Brother May 25th 1864
With the greatest of pleasure
I have seated myself this evening to inform
you that I received your highly esteemed
letter that you sent by lieut Miner [1] who
arrived heare day before yesterday it was
perused with great delight it found me
well and harty. Well Brother evening
I have been detailed to cook up one days
rations so I am at the wagon yeard in
charge of the detail. I have so much
to write and such A short time to write
that I hardly know what to say first
but just this moment orders has ben
given to move so you need not expect
to heare enything about what has
transacted since wee left this place
which was on the forth of May
[page 2]
as for the fights that has ben fought
in the Wilderness and at Spotsylvania
C.H. I have not time to mention
onley the yankes made a good meny
assaults on our breast works but was
repulsed every time with the exception
of once and that was on Thursday the
12th the battle ragede all day long
the roar of cannon and musketery was
terriffic the enemie did not gain
eny advantages durring the engagement
wee all the battle ground
at night but wee came back A short
distance and formed new persitions
and after that the yankes did not
charge our fortifications eny more
but [A?] marching on our flank wee
was compelled to keep in his
front so wee are in A line of battle
on the North anna River and the
[page 3]
yankes are trying to flank us
again wee have whiped the yankes
at every point but know wee will
take of after them again and before
wee stop I expect wee will
Richmond I must close hopin
to heare from you soon I cannot
write eny more as time will not
admit I intended writing A
long letter but owing to the
move ment I am complelled to
stop give my best regards to
Mr Stewards gamily Rat [???]
is not hurt George avis capsured
I wrote A letter the other day
so I remain your Benevelent
Brother J..F.. Coghill

  1. Lt. Richard V. Minor
May 25, 1864


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Corporal to Private


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Modern-Day Stuart, VA


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North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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June, 2011
Michael Ellis
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September, 2011

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