Carolina City N.carolina
November the 29. 1861

Dear Aunt it is with grate pleasure to me
this evening that I am bless with the opportuny
to write you a few lines for the first time
to let you know how we ar getting along at camp
we are weell at present and truly hope
you all weell and enjoying all the happy
hours of life Dear Aunt Jane I have not
got much time to write at present for
we have Just moove a crose the Sound
we ar ficking [1] up hour tents to day we have 
moave in a baut three hundred yards of the
atlanact railroad we ar Place in a by pretty
place but not like home the[y] is a grat deal
of sickness here at this time th[e]y is about
three hundred sick in the hospital at
this time 1 one death laste night Dr Shaw dide
last Night it is a bad time h[e]re for sickness
Dear Aunt I write these few lines with
grate Sorro to think how often I ust to come
to see you all and now we ar Sepreted so far
from each outher oh I wish I cold see you all
this eveng and to think I Never shall see my pore
old Granmother a gain on earth dear Aunt
let us not Greive for those howo has parted this
life for no dout but what th[e]y are injoying the
realitys of the heavenesly worlds this eving
and we ar in this trobblesom world it
wont be long be fore we will soon follow
them and let us by and not Give often
those hoow is gon before to here how my is
doing at home and in camp I field thankful
[Page 2]
this eving that I am spared to live but
I dont now how long it will be before
We will ahaft to follow them Dear Aunt
I must bring my let to a close please write
soon and let me know how you a are a
getting a long tell all the chrildren howdy
for me tell John to kiss the chrildrin for
me tell John to write me a long letter
and give me all the News of the day Give
my love to the widder Culberson and Mr
Coles family and all enquayng friends
tell sister if she is thare howdy for me
tell her I dont know what is the reason
my folks dont write to me Tell them
them I have sent tham Somes thi[n]g and
I dont know whare thy got thar or not
please write soon and dont fale
No More at present Direct your letter
to Carolina City NC in car of Captain
Webester Campinay E 26 Rig Ment NC vols
Your for Ever w d Carter
Jane Culberson
D M Carter
Capten Webester Sends his Love to and beste respect
to you all D M Carter ses give his love and beste
respect to the chrildrin give my beste
respect to and tell him I would
like to see him very much tell him I have
not forgot laste harvest Nor never will
W D Carter
tell Mrit I wish he would send me some
more of apples if he pleases and the rest
No M More at present farwll to you all
To meet a gan on earth your respectfully

  1. ficking = fixing?
November 29, 1861


Company E, 26th NC Infantry


William D. Carter's Aunt


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From Note: 
Unknown town


To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Genevieve Vallentine
Transcription Date: 
June, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2011

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