Near Petersburg Va
Nov the 10. /. 62
Dear friend J. W. Culberson
happy am I this morning that I
am bless with the opportinity to
drop you a few lines to let you
know how I am getting a long
I am not well at present
hope when these few lines come
to hand may find you all well
Dear friend I can inform you
that we have sean hard times
for the laste two weeks we have
been in to a fight two days and
a parte of one Night the fight
commence fore miles of watshing
ton. an laste sunday fore compiny
of our Reg plade on the yankes
and keep them from coming
to the Railroad tell [1] the we could
[Page 2]
Get reforsement they comenence
burning and faring on us a
bout 9 oclock sunday morning
we held them back as long as we
could and then we feld back
two miles to Rarl mill [2] and then
Travle 30 miles we ar Reforsining
ever day the yankcs reforesed
a bout Eight thousan thy said
we twok a yanke officer and
when we back crosed a Bridge
and then set it on far and
then we run into a caverly
an our compinay fard on
them shot the horse from
thy yanke officer and thy all
got away they was trying
to Surround us Govner Vance
was with the 26 Reg our loste
we no of was two kill and
[Page 3]
fore wonded but John is a
misen thy is two wonded in
compinay was George Phillips
and Ben Beal. the chatham Boys
one was wonded his name
was Moon it was Slitly
Jackson Record is not heart
George Bridges is in camp
was lefte with the sick
D. M. Carter is well was
lefte in camp also. and a
Good many outhers two teajus
to meson [3] I dont think the
Reg will go back to Va I think
we will stay this winter in
N. Carolina thy may be a big
fight in a few days I cannot
tell thy are reforsing heavly on
both Sides our campiny losten
very Near all thy had in the fight
[Page 4]
the Snow fell here on 6 of
this month was 7 Inch Deep
marching through it it was
trying times heare beeing
that I havent time to write
eny more at present I must
close my shorte Note by saying
please favor me will a answr
Soon I Shll Remain your
friend untell Death
W. D. Carter
Please Give my love to M R
Teague and family also S T
Teague family Jesse Johnson
family and Mrs Culberson
and Mr Cole family also and
Keep a Good potion your Sef and
uncle John family Tll them all
to write to me be very happy to hear from
them all

  1. tell = before
  2. Rawl’s Mill
  3. too tedious to mention
November 10, 1862


Company E, 26th NC Infantry


Relative of William D. Carter
Company G, 26th NC Infantry


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North Carolina
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Genevieve Vallentine
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June, 2011
Michael Ellis
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September, 2011

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