NC Chatham County June
22 1864
Dear son I take my seet to write you a few lines
to let you now that we ar all tollable well Adaline
is so she can go a bout in the house & help me
some I recived your letter last thursday & was
glad to hear from you that was the first letter
I got you said you had wrote before I never
got it I never heard anything from you only by
others had wrote home I wold have wrote to you
but I didn no whare to direct my letter to
I was sorry to hear that you had left raleigh &
wat you ment by sending your coat home &
wat you ment by saying that pary didn git on with
your close I am a fraid you havent got any close
only what you got on I want you to write to me
all a bout your close & if you need any close or
anything elce send me word & I will send you
any thing that I have to binafit you any I am
a going to make you a pare of pance & a new shirt
& the first opportunity I will send thim to you it [if]
I dont get word not to send thim I will tell you
something a bout my corn George come & hope
me some I have it ove twice I dont now wheat
her I will git any more help or not to plow it for
he is drafted to go to the arma my wheat I dont
now wheather I will save it or not it is all in a manner
ready to cut I went to see Calloon he said you wold
be at home at harvest I expected to have seen you
before now he said they promise him at raleigh you
should come home at havest & help me take care of
The wheat but if you dont come I will dwo the best
I can to save it Uncle John & Tyral & Duran sad
they wod help me what they can & Moses said he wold
help me some & I will dwo the best I can but I wold
rather you was hear the children has laid up a heap of
apples & things for John when he comes I hope you
will come home I think a bout you whe I seat
down to eat & when I li down to slep & when I rise in the
morning I think of John
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if you now any way for me to send you something
to eat I want you to write & I will send it to you
I have a cheese if I hav any way to send it to you I wold
send it but I dont no any chance but maby I will
get the chance after a while & if you now of any
chance write to me & I will send you as good as I have
you said you woldin heare from your petition
in two months I have bin to Calloon twice &
am a going a gain between now & next thursday
they ar to meet at Pittsborough next thursday
the inroling day Callon Said he thought I had better
wait a while to see if you petition wold pass before
I under took to send another I have don ever thing
I could & I intend to dwo ever thing I can to git you
back home a gain Calloon thinks you will git
back he says he intends to dwo ever thing that is
in his power to get you back he said his father
is a going to richmon he promise me & him he wold
dwo everthing he could for you cousin daniel said
he intended to pay you out if any chance he come up
to see me the other day we will dwo all we can
& if non of it dos any good you must dwo the best
you can & remember what I told you before you
started I mus close by saying Elizabeth is with
me yet unke John family sends thear love to
you & your friends all the same write soon
& dont dela I want to hear from you
remain your mother untill death
Jane Culberson
to John Culberson
wite soon dont dela for time is swifla
passing a way

June 22, 1864


William D. Carter's Aunt


Relative of William D. Carter
Company G, 26th NC Infantry


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Genevieve Vallentine
Transcription Date: 
June, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2011

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