{ Lake [S]pring
{ Dente County
My Dear Brother an { Mo
Sister I take the opper tu { March the 23th
nity to in from you that 1858
we are all well at this time & hope when this
Combs to your site hit will find you all
in good health I can in form you that we
recevid a letter from yo to day wich giv us grate
satis fac tion to hear from you all wonst more
an that you was stil in the noshen of mooving
to the west all tho you rote that Mr Cody
gav the west a vary bad name a bout
sic ness I can in form you that I have not
saw a sick purson ner herd tel of any won
a bean sick sence I hav ben in Missouri
an pople tels me that there is casley enny sickness
at all in this nabor hood I can in form you that
I am well Satisfide an think I can doo a grateel
be ter in the west then I cold in that old
poar brier country I can in from you that it is
a grate plais to rais grain I saw fields of corn gtherd
that avridg 75 bushels to the acar an was onley
ploud twist and the best plais to rais
Cattle that ever i saw an ha[?] s an hogs an sheep
if you can keep the wolfs from killing them
[page 2]
I can in form you that i hav bout
land a giving unkel chris to [???]
of cousin Sials Headrick an gave $300 for too
hundred an eighty acars an a bout half of it is
po rary land we hav vary plesant an warm [1]
march an the porarys is as green as
well pi[??] cattle can doo with out anny feed
if you come to the west & com by land starte
the fist days of september so as you can get her
be fore the wther gets so cold an hav your horses
trew so as the won brek an run your wagings
dow some of them steepe mountains
I can infor you thate John Frank and his family
is all well at presant an has bout lanand [2]
about 7 miles from me on dry park John
Frank an his wife stade all nite at my
house last satrday nite an the say that they
ar as well satis fid as they want to bee
the say that they wold not go back
if they could get ther land back for
nothing I am a going to be gin to save oats
to morrow & I rote you aletter the first of march
an rote for you to hav me a gun maid bey order
an bring it out with you I sepose you got the
[page 3]
I hav rote seveal letters to th rest of the boys
an hav not herd no letter from them I dont
now wether they got my lettes or not or
wether they ar a bov riting to us I hav
rote to all of them [??] to casper Headrick
an hav had no ancer from ther onley
from you too letters
I think I hav maked a nuf for this time
an shel look ever too weks for aletter from yo
So I must Come to aClose
Yours Truly
David Headrick
To Alex Frank

  1. pr rary = prairie
  2. bought land
March 23, 1858



David Headrick's brother; Jesse M. Frank's Father
Alexander Frank's wife


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North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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September, 2011
Michael Ellis
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September, 2011

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