July 27th 1861 Marshal Co Ky
Dear brother and sister I take the
present opportunity to answer youre letter
which we reseved to day and was glad
to heare that you were all well but was
sorry to heare of yow and Nancy being
sick So long but feal thankful to God
ho is auther of all good that ever thrue
his kind prevednce were re stored to helth A
gain I am happy to say that we air all
well and all the sur rounding nabere
hood is in good heth I have hearn of more deaths
and more fatel Sickns from N C ten has
died to one in this cuntry it is verry sel dom
that we heare tell of a death in this Cuntry
Crops is good A nuff weat was the best that
I evver saw I sed 7 busels and made 126 bushels [1]
and oats as menny as I wanted Corn looks
fine but has sufferd for rain A little I
soed 1 bushel of ry and made 23 ½ bushels
wheat sels from 75 to [80?] cents per bus corn 50
to 60 cents bakon 10 to 12 ½ salt [4?] dollars
sack Coffe is skerse on the account of the
rivvers being blockaded but we think that
navaggashen will be opend be fore long and
salt and Coffee will be Cheep and plenty
linken Ses he in tends to Starve the South but
he cant starve Ky
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yow rote that yow cold not col lect that
monny that Henry var ner oas I dont
think that I am responsa ble for it fother
was to keap anuf back to pay of the notes I oad
him and that is all the chance for him to
git his monny if yow evver do Collect it and
there is enny over yow can send it out
sometime As for the Sheap I lef narry one
ther un sold for I nevver lost narry one
and I no that Mr var ner is mis taken
A bout the sheap we have a nuth er girl
Bornd the 9th of may and her name is sary Elizabet
and is the fine est Child we have ellick ses
tel lee that he has groed A heap sence
he had come to Ky and is nearly big A nuf
to plow I do not no that I have enny thing
to rite that wold interres yow at present
pleas rite as soon as conveanent
so no more at pesent
I suppos you have hearn more A bout
the war tha I can rite but
Huraw fer Jeff da vis and the
Suthern Con fedrasy
pleas Give our best re spets to all
in qureing frends if enny
J C Haltom
and famelly

  1. sed = sowe
July 27, 1861



David Headrick's brother; Jesse M. Frank's Father
Alexander Frank's wife


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North Carolina
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September, 2011
Michael Ellis
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September, 2011

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