Camp near orange C. H. Va.
April this the 22th day 1864
Mr. Alex Frank dear Father this
morning seat my self in good
health and with Greate pleasure
to write to you again hoping this
letter will finde you all enjoying
alike blessing well you hav had
us a marching and fighting again
at home while we know nothing
of it out here till the dispatch
came from Davidson I dont aim to
make sport about it in the least
I onley mean to repeat what I hav
tolde you not to be Scard at such
news until it is confermed by Some
one reliable and that is no one but
but the pore soldier that was not worth
looking at before we went to this
greate school we know not how
soon these things will come the
Grounds is dried off here but yander
30 or 40 miles the ground is
coverd with snow we can see
it when the sun shines it keeps
the wether cool it is not time yet in va to plant corn
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I say dont be scard at reports I dont
mean stop praying to god to take care
of us this we need in camp all so
Our meeting is going on yet on sunday
las 7 or 8 men found the Methodist
Church and 21 or 22 ware babtiseed in to
the babtist Church I think about 100
have made profession since they built
the chapel wile I was gone home
if onley all would do this then we
might expect to be ahappy people
but some say to the sperit go this way
for this time when I hav a convenient
[???] I will call for the did not plise do this
and died soon after before the convenient time
Came some dont beleave in regeneration but
mans conscience will condemn that
did not Christ die to save sinfull man
and did he not say ye must be born again
could this mean any thing short of the change
of hart our conscience say yes if [??] dont
stubbornly rebell against it I recive yours
of 8th April B F got back the 19th some one stole
2 chickens and the largest bag of butter he
had for us John bean and the rest are
well we may go on picket in a few days
please give my love and respect to all
inquiring friends write soon I will
write as you requested if I can So I close
for this time Jesse M. Frank
To Alex Frank

April 22, 1864


Company B, 48th NC Infantry


David Headrick's brother; Jesse M. Frank's Father


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April, 2011
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