Camp 48th Nc. Tr. near Petersburg Va
February this the 19th Day AD 1865
Affectionate mother I am happy to inform
you that I rece your letter of 11th inst this
Morning By Mr Bene it found me well
and glad to here that you ware well
But sorrow to here that the Deserters
are stealing your things so much it
looks very hard you cant help my being
in the army which no doubt creates har
dness but as it is duty calls for me
here and I hav to stay here or take to
the woods and while I stay I wish they
would leave what you hav if they wou
uld for a moment consider to what
end it is bringing them it certainly
would create a quite Different feeling
in thare bosom I finde it quite a
hard task to live as it becometh us
by useing evry exertion I can to
leave off sin and to cleave to
to our Blest Savior in Whom I
love to trust I say I finde it hard
temptations are numerous on the
rite hand and on the left
I am happy to say I hav been
[page 2]
perswaded to guard against them
and seek protection in [??] of [1]
Safety Purchest by the sufferings
of crist crucifide savior and I think
th[??] [??] that does not tri to serve
this Kinde Mediater the Son [??????]
f[???] Son of the God of heaven to
earth but [??] doing that [????] com
anded not to do and Ronging his [??]
[???] in all [???] heaping
up [??] against the day of [???]
[????] if such men do not turn from
thear Evil ways they will at last
end in a world of [????????????]
woe But I pray to God to show them
the error of thare way before it be
two late what is it to suffer a few
Months or even a few years here to be
Compaird with the suffering in
The lake of Fire and brimstone
that will hav no end but shall
last throughout all eternity
I will now say to you that thare hav
been several chaplains & Missionaries
Visiting our Brigade in the last
week had 2 sermons to day and
the sacrament administerd
[page 3]
it was the seckend time I hav
been Permitted to Pertake their
of since I left home it is not for
me to say whether I shal again
hav anopertunity of the sort on earth
or not but I hope I shal eat and
drank it anew with you in our
fathers kingdom whare we shall
part no more but live on forever
and troubles s[h]all be felt &
feard no more -
you spoke about me getting a furlow
I dont think thare is any chance
for me to get one this winter
thare are several before me and
but few go at atime the talk of
peace has dried up I guess people
ask you what your son says about
the war tell them this if peop
le evry whare would repent and
give the cause holey in to the
hands of the lord then I can say
to them we will hav peace
god had said he would punish
[page 4]
the wicked but on the other
hand would answer the pra
yers of those that obey him
I rece a letter from Unkle John
will write to him before long
I got the $5 you sent last week
we drew 4 months wages $72
I will say to you that the rest of
the boys are all well here
[????] Benjamin and Y R [???]
starting out here tomorrow I hope
they will hav something for me
I hante wanting any clothing
at present I hav wrot there to fore
what I want to eat and now
would be two late R Oens wife
is here yet Give my Love and
respects to all enquiring friends
the yankes are still now the wether was
nice 2 past days excuse Bad writing
I dont take panes as I might
this leaves me well God grant
that this also may finde you
well good by
Jesse M. Frank
To Mrs Susanna Frank

  1. ink bleeding through from the other side of the sheet makes the top half of this page difficult to read
February 19, 1865


Company B, 48th NC Infantry


Alexander Frank's wife


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North Carolina
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April, 2011
Michael Ellis
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September, 2011

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