Near Holtsburg NC April the 3 day 1865
Dear Wife I write to inform you that I am well and
hope this will find you all well I will say that I got
to Lexington on monday evening & started on wednesday [1]
noon to the upper part of the county was in forsythe got
Back to town on friday evening our men that were there
had got orders & had left for this place we also came on on
Saturday morning met up with Jesse near Holtsburg
was with him some that evening & near all day Sunday
he was in fine health last evening I was just put out
on picket & sometime in the knight the Boys
left for Greensborough or some other point on
the Rail Road there has been a great stir about
Stonemans cavalry some thought they would
come here to destroy the Bridge but it was
reported yesterday that they were gone above here
this morning it is said that they were at Salem
yesterday and burnt part of the town & were
gone towards highpoint or Greensborough the trains
are taking troop down the road in large numbers
some of the home guards went from Raleigh to Salis
bury on Saturday others were to go yesterday but I
dont know as they did or not I saw Wiley Hedrick
& Alx Mc that I knew as they passed by
I dont know how long we will stay here or
where we will go next it was said this morning
that we were discharged from here since I think
that order has Been countermanded for there
had been a detail of 2 from each company
[page 2]
made to use the spade they are now at work
there was a battery of 5 or 6 guns brought here
yesterday & I think they are now in position
Besides some 4 other pieces there are only some
4 or 500 troops here now I dont much think
there with be any attack made here soon
tho we dont know the Boys in Co B 48 [2]
all look very well John Bean the Hendricks
[?]wings J R Beck L F Smith are looking
well Zeno has grown to good size looks
well they took up a good many deserters
expect to get Back again before long But
It uncertain for they may be [???] off to
Petersburg again if much fighting is
expected soon Jesse said he would get
when they went Back to Ashborough
and go by home but they are now gone to
try to meet the enemy & it may be a long time
before he gets home should his life be spared
& I hope it will I would feel very thank
ful if we could all once more be permitted
to stay at home in peace & friendship
I heard some talking of a young Hedrick
Dieing at raleigh lately it is thought to be
Wm F. I will come to a close for this
time I dont know how to tell you to di rect
to me unless someone was coming to
our command W Daniel Carrick [&?] Lanier
have not reported yet Alex Frank to Susanna Frank

  1. Lexington, Davidson County, NC
  2. 48th NC Infantry
April 3, 1865


David Headrick's brother; Jesse M. Frank's Father


Alexander Frank's wife


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North Carolina
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To State: 
North Carolina
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Jessica Sneeringer
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011
Michael Ellis
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September, 2011

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