Camp ner Fredricksburg
May 9 /63
Dear Father and famly
I take my seate this morning to
let you know I am well hope thes
may come to hand and find you
all well I havin heard from
home sence John sutton come
I am looking for gorge evry
minute I think he must be coming
I wood like to see him so
I cood her from home for I am
oneasesy about home maby I will
git a leter from home this eaving
if I dont I will hafter do athout
I haven much news to write to
you Every thang is quiret along
the lines but Dont know how
long it will be so not long
[I fer?]
[page 2]
we was Revued yesterday by
old General Lee and Lieut General
A. P. Hill the hole Division was in
the feal you will her from it
in a few days Hill is promoted
to liutenant com Col [1] he is [J?]
Jackson [2] place a fine looking
man he is they have run lots
of troops her from NC for what
I cant tell without we ar agoing
to cross the river which I expect
we will befor long I hope not
for I dont want to cross the river
if we was acros I wood not
mind it but so meny will
git Kill in crossing the river
and will cut ous to peaces
[page 3]
but it they say to go we will
go an die I think we will hafter
stay her as long as we live eny how
and why not be ded then we
will be over our trobile which
has bin hanging over our heads lo
thes many days but I hope I will
git out after awhile but dont know
when you have heard all about
the big fight at Chanclorvill
whar we whip old fightin Jo [3]
and cam whip him agin if he
comes over the River eny mor
Father you must write
to me and write me all the news

have you got along about stillin
[line cut off in photocopy]
[page 4]
wood like to know
all about it for I cant be
satifide tell I her gorg
harris cood not tell me
eny thang about it he
never heard eny thang about it
I will wait till the male come
to see if I dont git aleter I have
wrote this mecks 4 sence
the fight the Brigade male
boy was rested and confined
for braking open leters he is to
be shot i recken he belong to
the 22 NC Reg he stole lots of money
Male is come I have got aleter
from Mary but none from
home I hope I will git one
to morro from you
I will close for this time
your [?]Abson sun tell Deth
L W Griffin

  1. Col = mistake for General?
  2. Gen. T. J. Jackson
  3. Gen. Joseph Hooker
May 9, 1863


Company D, 16th NC Infantry
Private to Sergeant


Griffin Family


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North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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May, 2008
Michael Ellis
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June, 2008

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