Ner peters Burg Va Oct 18 64
Dear sisters this morning
afords me the pleasur of writing to
you by which you will learn
I am well & hope thes few lins
may find you all well I received
a letter from you last eaving
which was wrote the 9 of this
month I was glad to her you was
all well thar is no news her
only the men ar deserting from
both sids our men ar agoing
over to the yankes & they ar
coming over thar is not much
fiting her only sharpeshooting
general Erley has whip the
yankes in the valy they
[page 2]
was coming to rein force grant
if he coms he will git whip her
for Erley will come two they
ar looking for a big fight her
evry day tho the wether is giting
so cold maby they wont fight eny
mor this winter & I dont see how
we will stay her this winter
without wood for we will freas
the wether is giting so cold
you sed you wood send me something
by the first one I hope mose is
bringing me one I am looking
for him evry minute if he
dont bring me something iwill
be gon up the spout for they
ar giving ous lofe bread & not
half anuff of it I eate my
bred up in one day & go without
[page 3]
the next & no money to by with
we will draw in a few days I recken
I hope so if I can git a box by mose
I will have one fill if I never
git eny mor you sed the dogs
was no count they ar like me
they ar in low sperits if iwas
thar I cood cher them up for I wood
go hunting with them I dont
know when iwill git home for
they ar fur lowing so slow &
thar is 5 or 6 befor me maby
I will git home next spring
if I live but that is so unserting
I may be with the yanks befor
then I come very ner agoing
to them the other knight but
I was lost & went thro the vidit
[page 4]
the man on post was a sleepe
& we come back & found him
but we did not report him
for they wood shot him
we was in a few stepts of the
yanks by the help of god we come
back you sed you had a good
meeting at the Rock springs
I wood love to be thar but cood
not git thar I hope I will git home
befor long so I cood git something
to eate for that is what ineide
worst well I have sed anuff for
this time I will close hoping
to her from you soon & git
something to eat I remain your
brother tell deth L W Griffin
[in top margin]
If cousin Jim is not gon give
him my best Respects
tell him to write to me

October 18, 1864


Company D, 16th NC Infantry
Private to Sergeant


Griffin Sisters


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North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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May, 2008
Michael Ellis
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June, 2008

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