Janary 18th 1863
Camp Ner Goldsburgh
mis Hackett
I Se[?]te my Self this moring to drope
you afiue lines to lete you know that I
am well at this tme hops when this
Come to hand it may find you and All
the Rest at home well for News I have
nun fo intrus to write to you at this time
I will inform your times is har hear I
Will inform you that meete and Bread is vrry
ase in Campe you may know that and it you
donte belive it Come and see fer your Self
and you will tell the same tale that i
tell you I can by Porke at Goldsburgh at
thirty Cents apound Patatore for too Dol[?]
a butchel buter one Dolar apound I must tell
that I hante seen now gurls sens i have Left
home I wood like to Come home to see
you and all the Rest at home tell James to
write to mee tell the old mand
John to Come down to Golds bough to see
mee and All the boys in Camp I will
inform you that the yankeys
is still at nubern yet for eny things
that I know tun over [turn the page]
[page 2]
I well inform yu
that Chriphus Hackett is well [1]
at this tie he receve a Leter from
you and I saw the Leter and I
was glad to
her from you Willam eli kirkman [2]
is well at time
Robson C Causey is sick at Golds burgh [3]
at the horsepitle I herd from
him Laste Night and hee was beter
Rufus n Causey is well at this time [4]
hee send his Love to you
hee said to tell
you to write to him
and tell the Nues that you have
I muste Cloze my Leter by Sayen
Write to mee
dreck you to Golds burgh N C
in cur of Capten P P Co C
the 45 Regmet
this Alphonzy G Causey [5] [6]
to mrs Saly Hackett

  1. Christopher Hackett of Co. C
  2. William and Eli Kirkman of Co. C
  3. Sgt. Robertson C. Causey of Co. C
  4. Pvt. Rufus N. Causey of Co. C
  5. Alphonso G. Causey of Co. C
  6. A. G. Causey’s family lived next door to the Hacketts. He served in the same company as Christopher Hackett.
January 18, 1863


Company D, 45th NC Infantry
Private to Sergeant



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North Carolina
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To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2010
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