June 20 1861
Dear Nancy this eavning I
hav som leasure and will
write you a letter to let you
know where and how I
am I now about onemile
the other side of garysbu
rg in a butiful grove
I got here yesterday eavning
and I hav gest finsht
cleaning and fexing up our
tents I think that I can
get a long splendid for we
will stay here a good smart
whille I think we are in
a butful grove a bout
like smith grove. Nancy
I havent herd from you yet
and I would be the gladest
sort to here from you so
I want you to write to me
[page 2]
with out fail you may hav
writen me aleter but I havent
recieved it yet so I want you
to writ me one as soon as you get
this an write when you seen
any of uncle Enos folkes
and how they are f I hav
wrote them an got no asw
er yet write when you saw
John last and how and where
he was Nancy I am a may a
mile from you but my
heart and love and affections
is and will be with you as
long as I live that you may
always depend apon I still
feel that I will get to
see you before long I
think that the capten will
giv ous a furlow to gowhom
to see our folkes for all
other Captens do and I
think that ours will do the
[page 3]
same for ous but if he
dos not the probaility is
that I can any how after the
4 of July for it is thought
congress will setle the mater
but if they fail to this thing
it will be don by the bulet
cirtin unless the nort will
let the south a lone they
hav been one batle fought
at Betle Church in Virginia [1]
but the southerns whipt them
and never lost but one man
and the north150 this is th fact
I know nothing els a bout the
war only there are may men
here a bout four thousand
4.000 Nancy you must not forget
to write to me as soon as you get
this leter and whe you write you
must get Nath to take it to the
post ofice and get the post master to
back it to H. H. Hanes in the
[page 4]
care of capten Wm kely garysburge [2]
halyfax county NC tell
nathan to ask the post master
what county garysburg is in
and get him to to mail it to me
in the car of capten ..Wm.. Kelly
so I will bring my leter
to a close for I hav not
roonto write any more for
this is on the back of my
leter you must write as soon
as you get this leter I will
write a gain the first good
chance yours affechonately
untel deth
Harrison Hanes
to Miss Nancy Williams
do not put off writeing
to me for I do want to her
from you cirtin an sure

  1. Bethel Church
  2. Garysburg, Halifax County
June 20, 1861


Company G, 4th NC Infantry


Harrison Hanes's wife


From State: 
North Carolina
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To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Antonina Paver
Transcription Date: 
April, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2009

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