Garysburg June 28 1[?]
Miss Nacy Williams it has been som
3 or 4 days sence I wrote to you So I will
this morning write yo to you a gain
I havent receivd but one but one leter
from davy yet and that was from
you but I am looking fo about
a dozen to day but I dont
Think that I will get more
than half that meny I hav
looked for leters tell I am tired
so I hav concluded to write this
one and quit untel I get som
so you need not expect are nothe
one tel you write me som for I
think that I hav writen about twelv
sence I left home So I am geting
tired of the gob [1] I havent any
thing new or interesting to write
you this morning only I wish
to let you know th Mrs Ann
Brown from Garlsberg arivd
here yesterday eavning an is
here yet and I expect she
will stay tel sunday an
maby longer than that Nancy I
want you to write to me as soon as
you can f I dont think that we
will stay at this place mo than
two weekes if that for they
talk is that we will hav to go
to masouria [2] that is the talk
but it ma change before six
days but you must write fo fear
it dont change write any how
for I want to here from you very
bad direct your leters to Garysbug
NC in the car of Capten kelly
write about all the folkes
I here that som of the volen
teers Girls are a goin to getmarid
before long bu I dont think that
it is mine for I don think that eny
body else will hav her only
me I hope they wont any how
dont you I am in the best
halth that I ever was I think
I havent been sick a minut
sense I hav left home I am
very hearty I hav plenty
to eat and that of the best kind
tel Jim houdy tel him
that I want him to met me
at lexington when I com home
I will write when he must
com after me I am stil the
same old [sven?] and six that
I was when I left davy and
will bee as long as I liv
and I hope that you are to and
will be as long as we liv you
must write as son as you can
tel al the rest that they must write
to as son
I believe that I will turn
[page 3]
over and take a new start
Nancy I want you to save al my
leters and wr to me how many
you hav got from me sence I
left for I don know how many
I hav wrote but I know very
well how many I hav got from
davie One only and that was from
you and I am thankful for that
but you mus not stop at that
so write a gain as soon as you get
this leter I will tel you a gain
how to direct your leter back
them to H.. H.. Hanes. Garysburg
remember me as long as we
both liv to you Nancy
by Harrison

  1. job
  2. Missouri
June 28, 1861


Company G, 4th NC Infantry


Harrison Hanes's wife


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Antonina Paver
Transcription Date: 
April, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2009

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