Ju ly 13 1861 [?] Saterday
Dear Nancy Williams I arived at this
camp yesterday eaning and found my fellows
all well and anxious to see me and
hear from home I was very glad to
see them for I was a long time geting
there for the cars was behind the
time and we was detaind one night
at goldsboror [1] which cost ous [$ 1. 3cts?] a pace
but our capten dident car the boys was
very proud of there goods that I cared
them for they had been looking for ous
ever cence thursday eavning I havent any
thing serious to write a bout the wor
only scot [2] is a goin to march sixty thousand
men south but that is a smal item in
my ey for Borygard [3] can whip them
and nothing but a brekfast spel
scot hasent com thorn yet and never
can I am misteaken in the number
of scots men it is thirty thousand
instid of sixty thousand that is all
a bout that I believe I will
now write somthing els concerning
hom folkes I want you all to write
as soon as you get this if you dont
you had beter for I am a bout
half mad any how becas I havent got
no leters now a litle a bout my feelig
and notions my feelings is and notions
gest the same they were when I left
you perfectly satisfied and hav been
and will be as long as we liv
[page 2]
thes few lines to you by
Harrison Hanes and nobody
els I got my bounty muny
yesterday eavning and sent
John Boudens to him fifteen
dollars you must write as soon
as you get this leter for I havent got
that other one yet hav your leters
directed to H.H. Hanes Garysburg NC
in the car of Capten Kelly Stat trups
4 regiment yours untel deth
to Miss Nancy Williams by H H Hanes

  1. Goldsboro, NC
  2. Winfield Scott, Union General-in-Chief
  3. P. G. T. Beauregard, Confederate General
July 13, 1861


Company G, 4th NC Infantry


Harrison Hanes's wife


From State: 
North Carolina
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To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Antonina Paver
Transcription Date: 
April, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2009

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