Manassas Junction. V. a September 19th 1861
Dear Nancy I recievd the
that you rote me on the 3rd and will proseed
to answer it I would hav answerd it sooner
but I am looking for a leter from you now
becos I wrote you one the sam day that I got
the one you sent me Only I wrote to you in the
morning and got yours in the eavning I had
closed it before I got yours or I woud hav
answed it then but you must excuse me I
expect that will bee the case a gain and if
it is I will try to answer it right of I was
glad to here that you was well and engoyin the
prevalig of goin to a protracted meetin
that is a thing that I am deprivd of but I
hope and pray tha I wont bee deprivd of
it much longer I herd a very good sermon
the other day but it was not Gannon
nor it wasent at Bethlehem if it had a
bee it would hav don me more good
I want you to writ to me as soon as you get
this leter and let me know what is goin
on at smith grove and what efer meeten
you had there and a litle more a bout
the meetin at Bethlehem som particular
ones that goind the church write where
the boys are flying a round at and how
they are getin along with the girls tel
Jimey that I saw litle Joe Howel the
other day and talked with him he said that
Mary Jane and Hanor is maryed but Ann
[page 2]
is not nor dont entend to untel he gets
back I hope that som body els is that away
a bout me if you think there is let me know
for som body told me so when I was ther jest
write wheter you think they are in the same
yet or not tel them that I am an ever expct
to bee and I hope they will bee so to I dont
entend to giv them any occasion to bee other
wise I will continue my leter for I hav
recievd a leter from you brought by John Bond[??]
to day is fryday the 20th and I will writ you
a tolerable long leter we was glad to see the
boys but I was much glader when I herd
from you I am inparticular high spirits
they brought me such good nuse about the
metin at Bethlehem I am goin to write a leter
to my folkes and tell them what to send me
by William Hanes when he comes I wat them
to box them up and I will be sure to get them
you toled of sending me a pair of sock whch
will be very exceptable for mine needs darnen
but I havent any body to darn them for me
but I entend to hav sombody to darn them
when I get back if I can get them tel my
friends if they want to send me any thing
to box it up and send it on with bil Hanes
and if he cant bring it to pay the frait
and send it on I thought yesterday when I
writen that I had beter not close it for I might
one from you and sure nough I did you must
write soon I will send a few lines to uncle Enos foulkes
in this evelop pleas hand it to somebody to giv them
[page 3]
I hav so much to writ that I will hav
to take another sheet I closed the leter that I
wrote home yesterday and will hav to write
som and send it in this Envelop I close my rem
arkes to you by saying I am true to my promis
this from Harrison Hanes to.. Nancy ..Williams

September 19, 1861


Company G, 4th NC Infantry


Harrison Hanes's wife


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From County: 
Prince William


To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Antonina Paver
Transcription Date: 
April, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2009

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