November the 22 1863

diere wife an famelly I a gaine
take the pleasure ov droping you a
few lines to let you no that I
am well an dooing tolerable well
an doo hope these lines may come
safe to hand an find you all
well an dooing well I can say to
you that I wood like to bee at
home an see you all it seames
like it has bin a long time since
I left hom tho I cant come yeit
tho perhapes I will git to com som[?]
time this winter tho I cant tel yeit
diere wife I waunt you to right
as often as you can an let [?] here
from home if I cant see home
that is some satisfaction here
that you are all well an dooing
well when I git a letter I [??]
feel better satttisfide tho i hant
got but three letters since I
[page 2]
lefte home one dated the 5 an 7
an 11 of this month but they give
me grate pleasure to here from
home I hant mutch to right to
you at this time I can say to you
that wee are still in [?] two miles
of ashville drilling wee have not
organised our company yeit but
will in a few dayes then wee
may leave here but cant tel wher
wee will go wee may come over
on that side of the ridg an wee
may stay over on this side right
to ahsville in ceare of capt stow tel
you here from [?] me a gaine an put
on the back of youre letters to bee
foward to stow command an hit
will come tho I may not fall in
stowes companey if I donte I will
right as son as I can an let you
no how to right an how to back
youre letters I wood [?] like to
[page 3]
get a letter twiste a weeake enny
how an oftener if I cood I think
I right letters so that you git one
twist a weeake tho you may not
git them tho I hope you doo git
all of them in dew time give me
the nuse a bout D B if you have
herd from him an John an alvey
all of them an all a bout the
old ladeys folkes an all of the
nabers in the scettle ment generely
an the boyes gites a long with
there mules an how you are giting
a long fatning youre hoges an all
a bout youre conscenes genera I like
to here all a bout home the best
sort an how you mandge youre
conscernes an if you think you
can git a long or not if you
cant you must try to hier some
person there is wone thing I
waunt you to doo that is to
[page 4]
take good ceare of youre scelf
you most not try to doo all
you cant stand that you stay
in the house an let the boyes
doo what they can an let the
reste go undun or hier some
person or if miss barnet an carol[?]
wauntes to worke with you let
them in an give them a fare
chance if you can git some
person to git you some rales to
make up that fence where
[?]illey Wilson lives you had
better doo hit as soon as you
can this is sonday a bout 12 o
clock I shal have to cloes by
saying that I remaine youre
loving husband tel deth
A, S, Harrill to Hannah Harrill
Z, D, Harrill D, M, Harrill B, R, Harrill
M, E, Harrill J, E, Harrill
my hole famieley at home

November 22, 1863


Company I, 1st NC Cavalry



From State: 
North Carolina
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To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
January, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
June, 2008

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